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BBQ Brunch - Ignite Bar and Grill

I always wanted to get a grill for myself. Why, you may ask. Because no one has ever heard of someone calling friends over for a microwave. Nor has anyone thrown a pool side microwave party. Replace “microwave” with “grill” in the above sentences and things start to become exponentially cooler.
That being said, I had almost gotten a grill for myself if not for the tormenting and overwhelming thought of “who the hell is actually going to cook the meat, because i can’t”. Fortunately for us, we were invited to Ignite Bar and Grill for its limited period Holiday Season BBQ brunch menu which ends on 1st Jan.

The restaurant is a part of the Hinjewadi property of Courtyard by Marriott and is located right on the Wakad Hinjewadi main road. We have been there before but the place always manages to surprise us. The place has a very relaxing and soothing vibe to it. You could either choose to sit in the cabana or on the tables outside depending on your preference and mood. We chose to sit right under the sun in the open.

Ignite has a great variety of cocktails and wines to try from. We tried the Thicker which was orange bitters with spiced infused whiskey. It had a very citrusy feel to it and was something i enjoyed. We also tried the Spiced Mojito and the Wonder which was made with rosemary and gin infusion along with sugarcane syrup and tonic water. It has an overwhelming taste of rosemary to it.

Spiced Mojito
We started our not so light brunch with a Veg and a Non Veg platter. 
The non veg platter had Lamb Balls, Chicken Wings, Seafood Fish Cake and Butter Garlic Prawns along with Fries and Onion Rings. I loved the chicken wings and the dips that came along really complimented the mildly sweet flavour of the wings. The lamb balls were not as tender as i would have liked them to be but the smoky flavour made up for that. I personally am not a sea food guy but looking at the reaction of my fellow bloggers, I can vouch for the seafood fish cake and the prawns that came in the platter. But the winner for me were the crispy onion rings fried to perfection and were so yummy that i couldn’t hold myself back from devouring them all. We loved the onion rings so much that we ended up ordering a portion of just the onion rings and the dips to satisfy our fried food cravings.

The veg platter had some Veg Galauti Kebabs, Mushroom and Olive skewers, Gunpowder Coated Cottage Cheese Bites and Stir Fried Mushrooms on the side along with the usual Fries and Onion Rings. I tried the cottage cheese and the stir fried mushroom and both of them tasted nice (why not great? Because it was veg). For me, the kebabs felt a bit bland and lacked the punch.

For the mains, we had an option to pick a meat of our choice and the sauces to go along with it that would then be tossed on to the BBQ. We ended up choosing pork sausages for us. 
The place also had a live counter where you could get a customized pasta made. We were spoilt for choices and it got really difficult to choose. We decided to be a bit creative and although the place didn’t offer spaghetti and meatballs as an option, the chef was kind enough to make it for us on request with the lamb balls that were a part of the non veg platter we had earlier. The spaghetti turned out to be amazing and we were so proud of our creation (We know that the chef made it but hey, we do deserve some credit for coming up with the idea, right?).

We were also served Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Peri Peri Chicken, Recheado Fish, and Beef Teriyaki. Despite the fact that I am not a fan of seafood, I was tempted enough by the tenderness of the fish and eventually ended up trying it. Not bad at all (This coming from someone who doesn’t like seafood definitely means something). The Jerk Chicken tasted good but the pork sausages were something that we couldn’t lay our hands off of and polished off the entire plate.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Peri Peri Chicken
Beef Teriyaki
Recheado Fish
BBQ'd Pineapple
Pork Sausage
We were completely stuffed by the end of our meal but then came desserts. We are believers of the idea that every human has two stomachs and the one of them is made solely for desserts. And so we couldn’t do injustice to the other by saying no to the ice creams that came in as desserts. We tasted 4 different flavours of ice cream - Dark Chocolate, Spicy Guava, Malai and Red Wine Gelato. I, personally, was blown away by the wine ice cream. It was something completely new for me. A definite recommendation for all you peeps out there. I also loved the chocolate ice cream because it was very thick and tasted like frozen hot chocolate.

Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Gelato
With both my stomachs at peace and a smile on my face, I finally decided that it was a day well spent. Our overall experience was fantastic and we really loved the food. 

Make sure to visit the place and try out the special holiday menu.

P.S: A huge shoutout to Arundhati for extending the invite and being such a great host to everyone

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