Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc - Euriska

Being sick sucks. Especially when you have got some exciting tastings and plans with friends lined up. Unfortunately for me, there wasn't a way around it. I had been sick for almost a week before the day we were supposed to go for the Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc tasting and I didn't want to take chances with my already runny nose by cracking open a cold one. But, since I consider myself to be a beer person I had to give in. And I lived to tell the tale.

Euriska, which is a greek themed restaurant located bang on the mundwa main road, was kind enough to host this beer tasting event. Euriska is also one of the very few places that sell Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc and is a great place to hang out and chill.

Coming back to the beer, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc is the French take on wheat beer. Since I was kind of unwell, I let the chilled beer sit for a while before I could try it. I do agree that beer tastes the best when its chilled, but since that would not agree with my aggravated cold situation I was happy enough to taste the beer, cold or not.

The first word that came to my mind as soon as I had my first sip was "fruity". The beer has a mild taste of coriander and lemon as well. The fruitiness came across as a bit artificial but it could just be because I had the beer while it was at room temperature. On the other hand, I'll give full points to Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc for presentation. The blue bottles, which it comes in, are unique and pretty to look at.

Of course, no tasting is complete without food. Euriska has some amazing choices of bgrub and we were not disappointed. We were presented with Achari Marinated Chicken Skewers, Chatpata Corn Aranchini and the Smoky Chicken Pizza.

The Achari Marinated Chicken Skewers were skewered pieces of barbequed chicken with some crispy veggies. It had a tangy taste to it because of the achaari marinate and were a good addition to a drinking session.

Achari Marinated Chicken

The pizza was just the way we like it. It had the most important toppings that you could ask for which is loads of cheese and chicken. Of course, it made us proud and tasted phenomenal.

Chicken Pizza

But The Chatpata Corn Aranchini clearly seemed to be the winner. These deep fried cheese and corn balls were served with a side of salsa and made sure we kept coming back for more.

Chatpata Corn Aranchini 

Chatpata Corn Aranchini

Of course, the beer really helped too. The beer found takers with people who don't normally drink beer.
The presence of good friends and great conversation did help the matters a lot. Though it was a sweltering Saturday afternoon Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc kept us cool and going for the day.

5 days of 50% off with HYATT - Baan Tao

This year, Hyatt is celebrating 5 years in Pune and the party is going to be 5 days long! To commemorate this milestone, the award winning Asian restaurant in the Hyatt premises, Baan Tao is offering 50% off for 5 days starting from 16th through 20th.


We had a chance to preview the offer that you are going to get and boy, is it a steal! The buffet spread is phenomenal. There are street food dishes spanning 5 countries: China, Vietnam, Korea, Thai and Malaysia. Plus, you get delicious Indian fare as well!

There were live counters for Dimsums, Grills, Stir-fries, DIY Salad bars and Soups. You will be spoilt for choice with the variety of cuisines. And of course, the quintessential Hyatt dessert bar at the end didn't fail to impress.

Personally, I loved the Soup bar a lot and spent a considerable amount of time customizing my soup. I added veg and sea food wantons, Bok Choy, 2 different varieties of mushrooms, glass noodles (there were different choices of noodles to try), some veggies and topped it with a bit of hot chilli paste. The soup was delicious and packed just the right amount of heat to hit the right spot. 
I sorely wanted to go back for more but the amount of food to be had was insane. So instead, I made a bee line for the grills. The chicken and prawns grills were amazingly done. I also made sure I tried the glass noodles stir fry and some Pad Thai of course. Which were as good as the other.

There was also a counter for different curries and sticky Jasmine Rice. Now, I'm a sucker for Thai Curry and there was a rather fragrant and delicious yellow curry to be had. So of course, I had to try it.  Although it was vegetarian, it went so nicely with the Jasmine Rice that I had to go for seconds (and thirds).

Well, I can ramble about all the food I had, but to be honest, I know all you want to know if the meal was worth it. Well, the answer is a resounding yes! And for 50% off, Why even think?
There are lot of choices and you can personalize it your liking. The service is impeccable as you would expect a Hyatt restaurant to have.

So come 16th, satisfy your Asian food cravings (Because I get serious ones). Let me know how your experience went!!

The Kukkad Diaries

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Masala Bar: A Gastronomic Adventure

Balewadi High Street has been transformed to an ultimate gastronomical playground for all serious foodies. From food chains to glitzy restaurants to bars, they have it all. And the newest addition to the already impressive line up?

Masala Bar. A Zorawar Kalra initiative that is already pretty popular in Mumbai. And Masala in the name means there's some brilliant Indian Fusion cuisine to be had.

The launch party was obviously a big hit and lasted till the wee hours. Mr. Kalra was in attendance and he doubled as the ever-gracious host. On being asked why he chose Pune for Masala Bar during a quick tete-a-tete he elaborated about how Pune has evolved over the years as a strong contender for business investment and how it has cultured a sophisticated taste with people being more receptive of new and experimental cuisine.

Which is just what Masala Bar brings to the table. A new age Indian fusion cuisine that wants to push boundaries with the regular Indian food. Of course, we have been privy to that with the Farzi Cafe too but I was dying to see what new things Masala Bar adds to fusion scene.

When we went back to the restaurant for a proper tasting session, it was same upscale, glitzy place from the launch party albeit much more sombre now, which promised of a nice, quiet dining experience.

The place has, of course, been done up beautifully with warm tones, plush seating and stunning light installations. There is a huge bar island in the middle of the dining area which is constantly churning up eye catching concoctions.

One of the first drinks that we had and our favorite from the night was the CHAI PE CHARCHA with the signature smokes and theatrics. As a rule, I'm not the most vocal supporter of all the frills and smoke. I like my food simple and delicious and same goes with my drinks.

Well, for a not so very fusion friendly in the current setting I actually ended up loving the drink! The whiskey based cocktail that came out of all the fragrant fumes was a pretty solid mix of chai-tea and citrusy flavors which worked so well with the alcohol.

Well, the service was exemplary and the presentation was phenomenal. But sometimes when you get past the thrills and frills, it comes down to good ol' food in front of you. To be honest, not everything impressed us but my personal favorite picks were these:
  • CHINI CHINESE BHEL was a asian flavored, crispy noodles dish swathed up in tangy yet delicious flavors. It was a good dish start with. Perfect for light bites with drinks.

  • BANGKOK SALAD was a another hit for me. It was fresh bowl of julienned vegetables and tossed in a light summery dressing. It had raw papaya, mango, pomegranate and herbs. Topped with crunchy lotus stem crisps, all the elements resonated beautifully with every bite!

  • CHING CHONG PORK RIBS had beautiful flavors. The sweet, sticky sauce was married beautifully to the tender meat. It made for a delicious, delicious meal. If only the portion size wasn't as small. The dish comes with a small sized pork rib, so if you had been planning to share, you might want to order another one!

  • CARBON PAO BHAJI. I had mixed feelings about this one because from what I have learnt from the carbon trend of 2017 is that not all things black is good. The bhaji was beautifully spiced and the pao, though black, were soft and yielding. I loved the combo.
    However, there's a caveat. If you are an ardent fan of pao bhaji, you may not like it so much. Well, to be honest, I'm not very attached to Pao Bhaji and maybe that's why I was open to the experiment? The Carbon Pao Bhaji didn't find many takers at the table but I loved it, so I finished it. There. :)

  • PUFFED GRAINS AND PESTO KHICHDI WITH PARMESAN OLIVE CREAM. This was soul food. That's it. After a night of drinking out, when you are famished and want to eat to settle your stomach, a bowl of this khichdi is what you want. The creamy risotto like consistency and the comfortable khichdi flavors did magic!

  • CALINGUT PRAWN CURRY with rice was like a good bowl of Thai curry, which is my favorite curry. The coconut milk based curry was so creamy and delicious and the prawns were cooked delicately. Definitely a hit!

  • CALORIE TOWER was a smorgasbord of various elements put together and waiting to be discovered. Doused in whipped cream and chocolate sauce the dessert had brownie chunks, profiteroles, ice cream and cookies in the mix. What a heady way to end the meal!!
Well, these were just the ones that I loved from the menu. But there are a lot more to try. The theatrics and fusion are fun to a point but at the end of the day you want to take a spoonful of your plate and love it.

That being said, Fusion is the new fad. And it is here to stay. So go ahead and take this gastronomic adventure to find something new that you might end up loving!

It was a beautiful dinner and we have Nikita to thank for inviting us over. Also, Team Masala Bar needs a special mention for taking care of us so well.

Much Love!

Save big on dining with EATIGO

With so many dining apps that are already available in the market, it gets hard to choose the best ones that give best offers. Most of the apps have a set discount for each restaurant, or perhaps cashback offers on the total bill when you book your tables through that app. But recently I came across an app that is free and offers discounts up to 50%!

Yes, it does seem hard to believe, but this Thailand based app, EATIGO works in a unique way which maximizes benefits of the diners as well as the restaurants. The app offers different discounts through the day. So, if you book a reservation during an odd hour of the day, you might get discount up to 50% which is a pocket friendly deal.

Eatigo app is absolutely free and is available both on IOS and Android. The app is really user friendly and easy to use. They have also got a web version which can be checkout out here -

Over 500 restaurants can be browsed based on location or cuisine in Mumbai and Pune. You can pick the joint you choose to visit and book a reservation for a particular time of the day. As soon as you do so, you discover the discount available as per your choice of time.

And why do I write all this with this conviction? Because I have used the app first hand and can vouch for it.

On an odd Tuesday night, I got a hankering for pizza. Of course, a Tuesday night is not the best day of the week but guess what, I snagged a cool 50% off for my cheat meal!

Cheesiano Pizza which is right around the block I live, is my go-to for good Margherita Pizza (which is to me the best type of pie ever.) Of course, if I'm going to cheat, I go all out. So, fries and Primevera pasta it is!

I must say, I relished the pizza even more as I knew I would only have to pay half of the price for all those carbs that I will be indulging in.

All I had to do was go to the app, find a great eatery and book a slot for me and my friend. I booked a 10:30 pm slot, which is good because we get back from work pretty late, and since it is around the time the eatery closes, we got a good deal.

Then all we had to do was to go down to the eatery and hog to our heart's content. The discount got applied to the bill automatically!

What better way to make your meal even more satisfying than by saving some cool bucks (maybe to buy extra dessert later. :D )
Try out this cool new app for yourself and find out! Thank us later ;)

Hoppipola Sunday Brunch

We still remember the day we landed in Pune in 2014. I was literally going to live alone for the first time and I wanted to kick it off by going out and grabbing a couple (not a couple for sure) drinks without being worried about reaching home drunk.

A friend was already living in Pune and suggested that we should go to Hoppipola. The first impression of the place was dope. I personally loved the outdoor seating with tall trees growing out through the roof. It was a weekend and the place was really crowded but we did manage to get ourselves a table back then.

Fast forward to 2017. Despite the fact that we have now been to a lot of new places, I still have that special place in my heart for Hoppipola. And thus, a weekend brunch scene at Hoppipola got me piqued.

This time, we were accompanied by a couple of close friends. Amongst a lot of options that we had to choose from, I profoundly remember trying chicken nachos, spicy chicken wings, chicken nuggets and the chicken pizza.

The chicken nachos were decent. Probably a little more topping would have worked really well.

We were a bit disappointed by the chicken nuggets because they felt very dry and tough.

The pizza seemed to be the winner amongst them all and we spiked ours with some beer. The two got along really well (feel free to try it out).

I am personally not big on mock tails and stuck to my beer but I would like to add that we did hear some good feedback about the drinks.

Overall, the place seems to be a chill place to hang out with friends. You could play beer pong and foosball and maybe have an intense beer pong dual :D

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5 must trys at Sarjaa, Aundh

We have known Sarjaa for as long as we've been in Pune, which has been quite a while now. We have used the place as a landmark to book our Ubers or passed by it and noticed it in passing. But we had never gotten around to walking inside for a meal yet.
Couple of weeks back, we got a chance to try the food at Sarjaa and finally realized what we had been missing out on.

So here is your Food Ordering at Sarjaa 1.0 if you have been living under a rock and never been to this place yet.

1. KOTHIMBIR and CHEESE KE CHAPETE: I'm starting this list with a vegetarian appetizer but that just goes to say how good the dish was. This cheese and coriander flavored tikkas were so mad delish, we ended up ordering it again. Do give this a shot and prove us right.

2. JHINGA TAWA was another starter we went gaga over. The crispy, well done prawns were cooked in rich spices that made it just the right company for your mug of beer (which is just as easily available here on taps)

3. MUTTON KEEMA was an example to keema dishes at other places. The quality of the mutton used was exemplary which made the dish taste rich and flavorsome. It went wonderfully well with my NEER DOSA. We sure know where to head when mutton keema cravings strike.

4. BUTTER CHICKEN at Sarjaa's has been it's signature dish for almost 25 years and been favored by patrons since decades. As a first timer in regard to the butter chicken here, we braced ourselves for the tasting as the reputation had preceded the dish for quite sometime. And oh boy, were all the rumors true. The BUTTER CHICKEN was truly to die for. The chicken was well cooked and so tender and the gravy was thick, creamy and delicious. Definitely TKD approved.

5. MALLU MACCHI CURRY and INDRAYANI STICKY RICE was a combo we made that day and what a combo this was. This was like an Indian version of Thai curry and rice, but much more spicier and flavorsome with the indian spices adding to the mix. But it was a comfort meal with the sticky rice no doubt.

The menu is extensive and pans an entire list of cuisines from Indian to Asian. Sarjaa has also undergone a recent revamping of look and branding with new decor as well as menu.

There are new cocktails to be tried (I'd suggest be adventurous with the Sangria. They have quite a selection.) and new dishes to be tried.

But the classic Sarjaa fare remains the same, in name and taste.

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BBQ Brunch - Ignite Bar and Grill

I always wanted to get a grill for myself. Why, you may ask. Because no one has ever heard of someone calling friends over for a microwave. Nor has anyone thrown a pool side microwave party. Replace “microwave” with “grill” in the above sentences and things start to become exponentially cooler.
That being said, I had almost gotten a grill for myself if not for the tormenting and overwhelming thought of “who the hell is actually going to cook the meat, because i can’t”. Fortunately for us, we were invited to Ignite Bar and Grill for its limited period Holiday Season BBQ brunch menu which ends on 1st Jan.

The restaurant is a part of the Hinjewadi property of Courtyard by Marriott and is located right on the Wakad Hinjewadi main road. We have been there before but the place always manages to surprise us. The place has a very relaxing and soothing vibe to it. You could either choose to sit in the cabana or on the tables outside depending on your preference and mood. We chose to sit right under the sun in the open.

Ignite has a great variety of cocktails and wines to try from. We tried the Thicker which was orange bitters with spiced infused whiskey. It had a very citrusy feel to it and was something i enjoyed. We also tried the Spiced Mojito and the Wonder which was made with rosemary and gin infusion along with sugarcane syrup and tonic water. It has an overwhelming taste of rosemary to it.

Spiced Mojito
We started our not so light brunch with a Veg and a Non Veg platter. 
The non veg platter had Lamb Balls, Chicken Wings, Seafood Fish Cake and Butter Garlic Prawns along with Fries and Onion Rings. I loved the chicken wings and the dips that came along really complimented the mildly sweet flavour of the wings. The lamb balls were not as tender as i would have liked them to be but the smoky flavour made up for that. I personally am not a sea food guy but looking at the reaction of my fellow bloggers, I can vouch for the seafood fish cake and the prawns that came in the platter. But the winner for me were the crispy onion rings fried to perfection and were so yummy that i couldn’t hold myself back from devouring them all. We loved the onion rings so much that we ended up ordering a portion of just the onion rings and the dips to satisfy our fried food cravings.

The veg platter had some Veg Galauti Kebabs, Mushroom and Olive skewers, Gunpowder Coated Cottage Cheese Bites and Stir Fried Mushrooms on the side along with the usual Fries and Onion Rings. I tried the cottage cheese and the stir fried mushroom and both of them tasted nice (why not great? Because it was veg). For me, the kebabs felt a bit bland and lacked the punch.

For the mains, we had an option to pick a meat of our choice and the sauces to go along with it that would then be tossed on to the BBQ. We ended up choosing pork sausages for us. 
The place also had a live counter where you could get a customized pasta made. We were spoilt for choices and it got really difficult to choose. We decided to be a bit creative and although the place didn’t offer spaghetti and meatballs as an option, the chef was kind enough to make it for us on request with the lamb balls that were a part of the non veg platter we had earlier. The spaghetti turned out to be amazing and we were so proud of our creation (We know that the chef made it but hey, we do deserve some credit for coming up with the idea, right?).

We were also served Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Peri Peri Chicken, Recheado Fish, and Beef Teriyaki. Despite the fact that I am not a fan of seafood, I was tempted enough by the tenderness of the fish and eventually ended up trying it. Not bad at all (This coming from someone who doesn’t like seafood definitely means something). The Jerk Chicken tasted good but the pork sausages were something that we couldn’t lay our hands off of and polished off the entire plate.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Peri Peri Chicken
Beef Teriyaki
Recheado Fish
BBQ'd Pineapple
Pork Sausage
We were completely stuffed by the end of our meal but then came desserts. We are believers of the idea that every human has two stomachs and the one of them is made solely for desserts. And so we couldn’t do injustice to the other by saying no to the ice creams that came in as desserts. We tasted 4 different flavours of ice cream - Dark Chocolate, Spicy Guava, Malai and Red Wine Gelato. I, personally, was blown away by the wine ice cream. It was something completely new for me. A definite recommendation for all you peeps out there. I also loved the chocolate ice cream because it was very thick and tasted like frozen hot chocolate.

Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Gelato
With both my stomachs at peace and a smile on my face, I finally decided that it was a day well spent. Our overall experience was fantastic and we really loved the food. 

Make sure to visit the place and try out the special holiday menu.

P.S: A huge shoutout to Arundhati for extending the invite and being such a great host to everyone

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