The Red and the White of it

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Rosso Bianco in Italian translates to 'Red and White' in English. These two colors are not only a part of the Italian flag but have predominantly distinguished the foods and drinks when it comes to Italian fare. Bianco and Rosso are the colors ubiquitously found across all Italian kitchens and are used to differentiate varied items ranging from pasta sauces to wines.
Pasta Bianca is simple white pasta with white sauce while Pasta Rossa with more distinctively tomato flavoured savory sauce. Same goes for Pizza with the simple cheese or the red tangy sauce. This color differentiation traverses most of the Italian foods and also encompasses the drinks, most popular being the Vino Rosso ( Red Wine) and Vino Bianco (White Wine).

The Kukkad Diaries has always been long standing fans of Italian cuisine. Apart from the great Indian gastronomic culture, Italian have the rich heritage of celebrating good food and great wines. The simple yet delectable meals means it easily finds admirers across the world and of course, India and Indians, who have been known to acknowledge great food no matter what the geographic origin. And TKD is nothing if not vehemently patriotic in this case. We always make sure to glorify a plate of good pasta when we find one or a bowl of creamy ravioli or a slice of cheesy pizza (And even though, Mr.TKD is a health freak, he has hardly ever managed to resist the charms of a good looking pizza no matter how cheesy it may be).

The long weekends proved to be a good opportunity to spend the morning with some nice Italian. Rosso Bianco, located right at Aundh Road on the way to Range Hills, had caught our eye a while back and a quick check on zomato had made sure we bookmarked it for sometime in future. The future arrived early on Saturday morning when we decided to Uber right to the restaurants for brunch. The location is easy to find as it's right on the street and hence quite hard to miss if you have your eyes peeled.
It seemed to be a slow day for Rosso Bianco as there were hardly any patrons but there were two servers waiting on us. The place is small but quainly decorated and is quite cosy with red couches and warm lights. The menu is quite inclusive though I wish they served ravioli. We ended up ordering PINK SAUCE VEG PASTA, VEG BEANS AND NACHOS CHILLI and ROSSO BIANCO SPECIAL PIZZA. If you are staring at wonderment at the all-veg fare we ordered, we have to one word: "Navratri". Specially instructed by wary elders back home we are on a vegetarian diet for at least 9 nights in solidarity to our Hindu mums.

The service was quite quick and courteous save for one occasion where we pointed out that our glass of water had something floating in it to which we were informed that that's how regular water is. Well, we were convinced enough to drink only bottled water from then on.

THE PINK SAUCE VEG PASTA was actually delicious. It was the perfect balance of the cheesiness of the white and tanginess of red sauce. It came with 2 slices of garlic bread on the side. The quantity was decent enough. The pasta was cooked al dente and it was the top favorite.

Pink sauce veg pasta

Pink sauce veg pasta

THE VEG BEANS AND NACHOS CHILLI was a bit of a downer. The quantity of salsa/sauce on top was quite less in comparison to the nachos which made it quite dry to eat. It came with a side of dip with made with beans which was yummy but it didn't really suffice with the dry nachos. We were longing for some mayo or sour cream on the chips.

Veg beans and nacho chilli

ROSSO BIANCO SPECIAL PIZZA was recommended to us as the house special. It was a good sized pizza with nice, crisp base and adequate cheesiness. There was good helping of vegetables in it. However, we found it a bit over seasoned to our liking.;However, in spite of the spiciness, we found the taste quite appealing.

Rosso biance special pizza

Rosso biance special pizza

The restaurant is very reasonably priced for the quantity and quality of food. It is a good place for catching up and hang outs. We liked the general vibe of the place and are already making plans to come back once we are back on our Kukkad diet.

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