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Personally I love a good deal. No matter how much you like shopping from your favorite online store or picking up some good pieces from Forever 21 at the mall, there is always a different satisfaction to getting down and dirty, haggling your way to acquiring the leather purse you have been eyeing at half price at a flea market. Good deals, aren't we all a fan of them?

Now only if you could have the same at your favorite pubs when you are out for drinks with friends. Of course, there is always the quintessential 'Happy Hour' but they are usually for a specific time or occasional which doesn't make it very convenient when your group of chums decide to finally scape-goat you into footing the evening's round of drinks bills as a "treat". In comes Bar Bar with its deal-of-the-century wholesale pricing and the never-seen-before concept of Drink More, Pay Less.

Basically the more the number of drinks you order, the lesser you pay per drink. Each type of liquer has been smartly categorized for this purpose into Popular, Premium and Luxury. So all you've got to do is order drinks from a single category in bulk and you could end up paying as less as 99 Rupees for a drink.

The selection of drinks is varied and traverses several cocktails and iced-teas. You can pore over their extensive drink or food menu in the inner air-conditioned area or outer al-fresco dining area over-looking the courtyard with various cafes and a bustling night scene. Apart from the drinks, this gastro-pub has an envious range of innovative and unique, easy-to-eat bar food. The list diverges from just finger-food to something much more substantial with menu moving from various type of popcorns to wraps and rolls to lunch-boxes making it a wholesome too-sloshed-to-eat-anywhere-else meal.

Veggie Roll

The Kukkad Diaries were a first hand witness to all the going-ons in the BAR BAR and were able to sample the menu for ourselves. The BAR BAR spoiled us all silly by opening up its arms, kitchens and bar wide open for us to ravage through.

The drink menu was indeed extensive and we all decided to try the in-house special cocktails and Iced teas. Our favorites were the LYNCHBURG , THE KAFFIR COSMO, THE RED WINE SPRITZER and THE WATERMELON AND LEMON GRASS CAIPIROSKA.

Watermelon and Lemon Grass Caipiroska

The drinks had full body of flavors and were really refreshing and also very refreshing. The Cocktails were interestingly served in long measuring cylinders of 250ml or 500 ml capacity as per your requirement. The iced teas are their specialities and you can always enquire your friendly servers for suggestions and they advise you with drinks that you might like as per your preference and the house specialty.

Iced Tea Cocktails

The food was definitely unique and fun. It was great going through the menu trying out each dish with all of its quirky and unique twists. We had a wide range of dishes through the night and it would not be possible to list them all so we'll mention the ones we really liked or ones that stood out for a reason.

We started off with DIY BASKET OF FRIES which had three type of fries: shoestring fries, potato wedges and the normal french fries. The fries were twice cooked and therefore were crunchy and had a coating of spices that made it oh-so-yummy. It came with a selection of three dips which made the snack even more appealing.

DIY Basket of Fries

We then tried all the different types of pop-corns in the menu. Every one of them were unique and had their own special flavors. Our favorites were the SHRIMP POPCORN, AMRITSARI FISH POPCORN, JALAPENO AND CHEESE POPCORN, VADA PAV POPCORN and PORK CUCHIFRITOS.

Butter Chicken Popcorn

Amritsari Fist Popcorn

Shrimp Popcorn

Pork Cuchifritos Popcorn

Cheese and Jalapeno Popcorn

The VADA PAV POPCORN really stood out as it was a dish with a twist. The popcorns were tiny vadas and the dip which it came with made the dish stand out.

Vada Pao Popcorn

All other pop-corns were as the name suggested and tasted really great with its accompanying dip and made for great between the drink eats.

We also toasties which were more or less grilled sandwiches. There is a wide variety to choose from and we tried almost everything. However, we felt the TANDOORI MURG was a tad too on the spicier side and we don't really prefer that amount of heat in our sandwiches.

Tandoori Murg Sandwich

THE HAM AND CHILLI CHEESE was our pick from the toasties though. It was more on the milder side but was loaded with cheese and had the flavors of ham in it. It was a filling snack.

Ham and Chilli Cheese Sandwich

The sandwiches were in good number and the quantity seemed satisfactory. It came with a side of masala wafers, coleslaw and dip.

There were also eggs in the menu. THE MUMBAI MASALA BENEDICT was served straight up in the skillet with poached eggs with runny yolks served on masala pao with hollandaise sauce. The paos/buns were soft and the masala was mildly spicy and tangy. The poached eggs and hollandaise sauce doused the spicy buns making them breakfasty yet a nice pub-snack.

Mumbai Masala Benedict

Potato Skin

Another item from the food list that really caught on with us was the concept of dabbas. Inspired from the Mumbai dabbawallas delivering fresh, homecooked meals in a dabba, these dabbas had different varieties with quirky names. All the dabbas were served in the traditional steel tiffin boxes and they were supposed to be eaten straight from the dabba and not plates so that you got the feel of the lunch-boxes. These boxes were introduced to make sure the patrons had a good meal if they wanted to after they were done with the drinking and partying. It's available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variety.

We loved the Chinese-inspired-aptly-named THE LUCY LIU TIFFIN and the very much North Indian LOVELY SINGH DA DABBA.
THE LUCY LIU TIFFIN had veg manchurian, kung pao chicken, fried rice and fried wantons making it great chinese meal in a box.

The Lucy Liu Tiffin

THE LOVELY SINGH DA DABBA had a paranthas, dollops of butter, butter chicken or butter paneer and vegetables. All in all a wholesome meal.

We ended the night with a round of shots with the popular ones being KAMIKAZE and  MUMBAI KISS. The ambience was great, music was loud with the in-house DJ doing his thing and there was a steady crowd constantly moving in.
The staff seemed friendly and ready to help and the service moved quickly.

Kamikaze Shots

We had a great time with our fellow bloggers learning about the next happening destination in town. BAR BAR is the place to be if you are looking for places that are easy on your pocket but that doesn't compromise in the quality.

You'd definitely want to visit this place BAR BAR once you've been here. (bad puns... we specialize in them)

Bar Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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