Sunny sundays and red couches

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Blueberry Almond Muffin and Choco Almond Muffin

Breakfast is hands down our favorite meal of the day. It can be sweet, it can be savory but it is never boring. To keep things that way we make sure we discover new breakfast places every weekend. And if we come across a place we love we make sure to come back every now and then for our favourites.

So apart from other cafes that we religiously visit in Aundh, Peter Donuts has been steadily climbing our popularity charts. So come Sunday morning we found ourselves lounging around on their oh-so-comfy red couches, reading issues of vogue and poring over breakfast options. The decor is adorable. The red, whites and blacks make for a very classy color scheme. Add to that, the red couches and wooden tables and wooden cabinet displays plus the scrumptious display of donuts and cakes, we could literally stay for a whole day and not complain. The fact that you can avail of their free wifi doesn't hurt either.

The donuts here are undoubtedly great but you should definitely give their breakfast a try. The breakfast is available upto 12 pm. 9am to 12 am is hardly early bird. Once we woke up past 11 am and still made it for breakfast. So all you sleep lovers can hardly complain.

Whitechoco Donut, Choco Donut and Double Choco Donut

Whitechoco Almond Donut and Choco Almond Donut

We have tried their WAFFLES, OMELETTE WITH GARLIC BREAD in their EARLY BIRD OFFER. ALso their Ramen had been on our list for a long time so we went for the BBQ CHICKEN RAMEN.Cafe PeterDonuts is also hosting a Momo festival till the 29th of february with a host of momos, momo and noodle soup and momo sandwiches on offer. So we tried out their steamed and fried MOMOs.

The WAFFLEs are perfection. With powdered sugar sprinkled on top and your choice of toppings, its sugary heaven. We opted for whipped cream and maple syrup. Best breakfast for chasing the blues away.


BBQ Chicken Ramen was sweet and sour soup loaded with chicken, veggies and noodles. Though we like our ramen soup simple and with clear broth base but we were feeling rather audacious that day and we decided to go forth and get bbq flavor. And it was pretty good too. The chicken had barbeque flavors in them and it quite complimented the tanginess and sweetness of the broth. It came with a side of buttered bread.

BBQ Chicken Ramen

The early bird offer for omelette gave you the choices of mushroom, spinach or chicken sausage omelette. Unsurprisingly, we went for the chicken sausage one. Along with toast you also could choose between cappuccino, orange juice or tea. The OMELETTE was okayish, we'd say. It lacked some flavors and though it was stuffed with sausage bits and onions it could do with some more seasoning. The good thing about here is that you can always tell the people at the counter of your preferences and they are courteous enough to relent.

Sausage omelette with garlic bread


MOMOs were a downer though. We had the veg Momos both steamed and fried. The momos must have been prepared quite a long time back as you can make out from the momo covering. The dumpling skin was sometimes tough and sometimes dry and not moist and soft as it should be. The veggies inside didnt make matters any better. To make it worse the momos were served with a sort of sweet chutney which didnt really sit right with our taste. There was also a salad with mayo on top on the side. The whole thing might have been PeterDonuts' interpretation of momos, but we didn't really want to have anymore momos after that. Which was sad, because we were kind of waiting to try momos so that we could try some of their momo noodle soup.

Steamed and fired mix veg momos

The momos havent really deterred us though. It is still one of those places we love to spend our mornings in. No wonder, red couches lately remind me of sunday mornings and warm waffles.

Chocolate and Classic cinnamon rolls

Choco fantasy

Ginter fruit flavored soft drink

Mini muffins in a cup

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