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With so many dining apps that are already available in the market, it gets hard to choose the best ones that give best offers. Most of the apps have a set discount for each restaurant, or perhaps cashback offers on the total bill when you book your tables through that app. But recently I came across an app that is free and offers discounts up to 50%!

Yes, it does seem hard to believe, but this Thailand based app, EATIGO works in a unique way which maximizes benefits of the diners as well as the restaurants. The app offers different discounts through the day. So, if you book a reservation during an odd hour of the day, you might get discount up to 50% which is a pocket friendly deal.

Eatigo app is absolutely free and is available both on IOS and Android. The app is really user friendly and easy to use. They have also got a web version which can be checkout out here -

Over 500 restaurants can be browsed based on location or cuisine in Mumbai and Pune. You can pick the joint you choose to visit and book a reservation for a particular time of the day. As soon as you do so, you discover the discount available as per your choice of time.

And why do I write all this with this conviction? Because I have used the app first hand and can vouch for it.

On an odd Tuesday night, I got a hankering for pizza. Of course, a Tuesday night is not the best day of the week but guess what, I snagged a cool 50% off for my cheat meal!

Cheesiano Pizza which is right around the block I live, is my go-to for good Margherita Pizza (which is to me the best type of pie ever.) Of course, if I'm going to cheat, I go all out. So, fries and Primevera pasta it is!

I must say, I relished the pizza even more as I knew I would only have to pay half of the price for all those carbs that I will be indulging in.

All I had to do was go to the app, find a great eatery and book a slot for me and my friend. I booked a 10:30 pm slot, which is good because we get back from work pretty late, and since it is around the time the eatery closes, we got a good deal.

Then all we had to do was to go down to the eatery and hog to our heart's content. The discount got applied to the bill automatically!

What better way to make your meal even more satisfying than by saving some cool bucks (maybe to buy extra dessert later. :D )
Try out this cool new app for yourself and find out! Thank us later ;)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. This sure sounds amazing.

  2. Is the app available for IOS?

  3. Yes, it is available for ios as well.