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Pizza one of the most popular fast food, especially if you live away from home and are a lazy slob like me. Now that we have a plethora of choices in the market, you can hardly get tired of this pie.

With so many choices, everyone has separate preference for their pizza. But one thing in common is the toppings. We all want the best and a lot of it. In comes, Mojo Pizza with their generous helping of delicious toppings and so many choices you'd probably go nuts.

Another unique thing about Mojo is that they make only 10 inch medium pizza, so you either you go hard or you go home (with the pizza of course). I decided to treat my friends with some of the pizzas on offer.

PANEER MAYHEM was pizza is, as the name suggests, a vegetarian one, which I wouldn't eat normally but let me tell you, the toppings were ah-mazing. And cheese was so generously put on top that every bite was a burst of flavor. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it.

CHICKEN BARBEQUE had bits of barbeque chicken with other veggies. The amount of topping yet agai, came as a pleasant surprise. But my favorite of the night was FANTASTIC FOUR which was loaded with chicken in the form of roast chciken and sausages. Needless to say, the cheesiness was on point.

I normally have a partiality for thin crust pizzas and detest the bready ones they serve in the popular commercial chains, which I find overwhelming and cloying. But I quite liked the base in these pizza. It wasn't thin crust, but you could tell that bread was freshly baked and so just as soft. Also, I favored it much more once I found out it was wheat based and not the usual maida based. Yay.

The delivery was on time and pizzas we got were piping hot with the cheese still bubbly. Their app is also available to download from the playstore and has much more offers which you can check out if you are craving pizza tonight.

As for my friends, going by the number of times they have ordered pizzas from Mojo, it's safe to say they are now Mojo-converts. :D 

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