5 must trys at Sarjaa, Aundh

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We have known Sarjaa for as long as we've been in Pune, which has been quite a while now. We have used the place as a landmark to book our Ubers or passed by it and noticed it in passing. But we had never gotten around to walking inside for a meal yet.
Couple of weeks back, we got a chance to try the food at Sarjaa and finally realized what we had been missing out on.

So here is your Food Ordering at Sarjaa 1.0 if you have been living under a rock and never been to this place yet.

1. KOTHIMBIR and CHEESE KE CHAPETE: I'm starting this list with a vegetarian appetizer but that just goes to say how good the dish was. This cheese and coriander flavored tikkas were so mad delish, we ended up ordering it again. Do give this a shot and prove us right.

2. JHINGA TAWA was another starter we went gaga over. The crispy, well done prawns were cooked in rich spices that made it just the right company for your mug of beer (which is just as easily available here on taps)

3. MUTTON KEEMA was an example to keema dishes at other places. The quality of the mutton used was exemplary which made the dish taste rich and flavorsome. It went wonderfully well with my NEER DOSA. We sure know where to head when mutton keema cravings strike.

4. BUTTER CHICKEN at Sarjaa's has been it's signature dish for almost 25 years and been favored by patrons since decades. As a first timer in regard to the butter chicken here, we braced ourselves for the tasting as the reputation had preceded the dish for quite sometime. And oh boy, were all the rumors true. The BUTTER CHICKEN was truly to die for. The chicken was well cooked and so tender and the gravy was thick, creamy and delicious. Definitely TKD approved.

5. MALLU MACCHI CURRY and INDRAYANI STICKY RICE was a combo we made that day and what a combo this was. This was like an Indian version of Thai curry and rice, but much more spicier and flavorsome with the indian spices adding to the mix. But it was a comfort meal with the sticky rice no doubt.

The menu is extensive and pans an entire list of cuisines from Indian to Asian. Sarjaa has also undergone a recent revamping of look and branding with new decor as well as menu.

There are new cocktails to be tried (I'd suggest be adventurous with the Sangria. They have quite a selection.) and new dishes to be tried.

But the classic Sarjaa fare remains the same, in name and taste.

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