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We know it's been ages since we put out a blog post but the schedule has been rather hectic lately. TKD has been away visiting the home city, running errands,getting work done, wrapping up photo-shoots and being a super-hero in general. We've hardly had time to check our social media too. We are very cave-people that way. However, while we have been away we have also unearthed great treats for all you fellow health nuts out there.

How many times has it happened to you that you get a pang of guilt every time you snack on the cookies kept oh-so-conveniently close at hand or cursed yourself for munching on the packet of chips offered to you by your friend (and no one can have just one,can they?) because it's been more than a couple of hours post lunch and you are hungry with no options for anything but these sinful eats? Well, we have been through these guilt ridden phases every-day; hogging on junk while promising ourselves that we'd work extra hard later that week.

Mr. TKD is usually strict with his diet: no mayo, no cheese, no sugary-drinks, no fried food, no sweets, that is until he starts feeling hungry. Once he is starving he hogs on to pizzas and pasta, gobbles down cans of Pringles and finish off fries like it's nobody else's business. He spends the next two days wracked with guilt and running extra laps trying to burn down the calories he might have strapped on. It was then that we heard of Snackible, a brand that creates and delivers healthy and tasty snacks and we tried a monthly box. Mr. TKD was impressed and we decided that we had to share this piece of information with you.

Snackible was kind enough to curate us another box for pictures and review. The best part about this brand, apart from all the hard-to-find, delectable nibbles, is that you can assemble your snacks in your subscription box as per your preference. Snackible currently has 16 variety of snacks to choose from and we're sure you'll find your favorites too. There's something for everyone!

The snacks come in ziplock pouches which are great for storage and a boon for people on the move. Each pouch has a description of the snack inside and a table of nutrition facts, which might be handy for some of you who count their calories before they eat. As per Snackible, the snacks have no added preservatives, MSG, artificial color or flavoring, transfat or cholestrol (can we get a yay!). The snacks also have a good shelf life as they are nitrogen packed. The snacks are all conceptualized and created by Snackible team in collaboration with nutritionists and food technologists and they source the freshest and healthiest ingredients to manufacture these amazing snacks.

Our favorites have been the Wholewheat Belgian Chocochip Waffles (oh the joy of devouring something with choco-chips without feeling guilty), Dark Chocolate Ragi cookies, Jalapeno Peanuts, Cream and Onion Wholewheat Thins and Seedy Crunchers. However, we really loved the box that Snackible created for us. It had:

Roasted Mexican Chickpeas: 100gms/Rs50
The crunchy chickpeas coated in spices makes for a great tea-time guilt-free snacking. We love munching on this while we work, on the way to work, on the way back, basically anywhere.

Roasted Mexican Chickpeas

Roasted Mexican Chickpeas

Cream and Onion Wholewheat Thins: 100gms/Rs50
As it proclaims 'Crackers with a twists' and it is. The wholewheat crackers are flavored with cream and onion seasoning and tastes so good we haven't really missed the packaged chips since.

Cream and Onion Wholewheat Thins

Cream and Onion Wholewheat Thins

Maple Honey Granola Crunchers: 70gms/Rs65
This has lately been a great breakfast option for us. It has a great mix of oats, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and almonds formed into chunks and can be had as it is or with some cold milk, It's really filling and deliciously healthy.

Maple Honey Granola Crunchers

Jalapeno Peanuts: 75gms/Rs65
The peanuts has always been a favorite between the meal nibble for most unless you are a allergic to peanuts, which is unfortunate because these roasted peanuts coated with spicy jalapeno flavors is addictive. The unique jalapeno flavor reminds you of pizza and the peanuts may not taste like a slice of pizza but are definitely healthier.

Jalapeno Peanuts

Jalapeno Peanuts

Seedy Crunchers: 75gms/Rs80
These are mildly sweet amalgamation of crunchy seeds loaded with dates, raisins and dates and very filling for when you are hankering for something to chew. But chewy they are and hard to get off of your teeth, hence they might not be our most favorite snacks of the lot.

Seedy Crunchers

As they put it about themselves " Snackible is a healthy snacking startup, bidding to revolutionise the snacking industry by providing healthy, delicious and unique snacks, delivered all over the country, that too right to your doorstep" and boy are they right. Our experience has been smooth so far. The website is convenient for choosing the snacks and ordering it and getting it delivered to you. Apart from that you can whatsapp them for orders too. The customer support provided is incredible. The one time our order was late, we were constantly updated on whatsapp about the progress of our orders. The prices of the snacks are very reasonable and all under 100 rupees. Subscription boxes start from Rs 1140/- and are great value for money but you could always try out a trial box before you commit to a subscription. The weekly trial box is dirt cheap at Rs. 299/- and the monthly box (with larger packs) is priced Rs.850/-

As I sit here writing this blog post, I'm munching rather busily on my pack of the roasted chickpeas and hoping you find a happy ending to your snacking problem with Snackible as well. And if you try out their chocolate and ragi cookies and think it's awesome, thanks us later :D

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For more information about Snackible check their website out (www.snackible.comor Whatsapp them at 9930871199.

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