Pyjama adventures with
Schrödinger's cat

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Sundays have a bad habit of just creepily hurrying past you without you noticing. We wake up late because of all the fun we have partying and socialising (just kidding, we stay at home and do Star Wars marathons. Yeah yeah, geeks) and before you know it, its night already and all you have is the usual weekday grind to look forward to.

This Sunday was a bit devastating because my afternoon siesta stretched up to the evening. Hence, clocking my total daylight spent awake, to a grand total of 5 hours. That's it? 5 hours of Sunday?! I would have wept if I didn't know the better way of cheering yourself up. Check another place off my zomato bookmarks and hog like there are no Mondays. But we also wanted it to be somewhere socially acceptable to show up in pyjamas. (Cut me some slack, I had just lost a Sunday)

So we decided on the neighborhood cafe that we had yet to explore - Cafe Zoromo. It was in the neighborhood so PJ's ok (Yay!) , it had a rating of 4 on Zomato so food was potentially good and I had been craving pasta like a zombie craves for human brain. So we put on our chappals and shuffled off to find the cafe armed with google maps.

The cafe was pretty easy to find, located right behind Govind Gardens. It was a small yet cosy place, much like a regular bachelor pad. It had an air of casual disarray with shelves of few books and knick knacks, mismatched tables and bean bags. It might as well have been Mr.TKD's apartment.  The upper floor had AC and limited but inviting seating arrangement. When we arrived the floor was choc-a-bloc full of football fanatics vehemently voicing support for their favorite teams as they munched on the cafe offerings, glued to the telly.

We chose to seat ourselves in the ground floor as we were much more interested in hogging than soccer. The menu was limited but promising and we rather seriously deliberated ordering everything. However we didn't, not because of the lack of an ambitious appetite (trust me, we can hog like its nobody's business) but because of the 'head chef'. Apparently, much to our disappointment we were informed that since they were missing a chef that weekend we'd have even limited menu to choose out of.

So after much debating, we settled for CHICKEN PASTA in WHITE SAUCE, CHICKEN CHILLY, GRILLED CHICKEN BURGER with FRIES and coke and CHAI. Service was pretty slow but it might have been the missing chef to blame (?). We managed to amuse ourselves with some great titles that they have stocked on their selves.

First on the table was the PASTA. The white sauce was flavorsome and cheesiness on point but sadly the pasta was overcooked, rendering the dish into mush. Tasty mush, we'll give them that but not something you'd want when you have been craving for some nice pasta.

White sauce chicken pasta

White sauce chicken pasta

CHICKEN CHILLY was sort of a turn off too. The chicken pieces were very inconsistent. Some rubbery while some relatively tender. It was like Schrödinger's cat - it could be soft, it could be tough. You wouldn't know unless you put it in your mouth.

Chicken chilly

GRILLED CHICKEN BURGER was the last to arrive and was better than the other dishes. Though the cucumber in the burger seemed to have been cooked too, rendering it soggy yet we did enjoy the crispy fries. Silver lining, people.

Grilled chicken burger

Grilled chicken burger

Grilled chicken burger

The meal didn't cost us much and the quantity was more than enough for two, but the food was a let down considering the rating on Zomato. We will give them benefit of doubt for the absence of the main chef. Maybe we'll make a detour one of these days to check how much the presence of the chef affects the food.
If we do, you will know. Follow us in Instagram and zomato for more updates.

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