Funky Fridays at Funky Kona

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Just as you start losing it with all the work pressures and deadlines, in come fridays bringing in much needed respite from the dreary week and ever growing urges to punch someone at work (just kidding of course, we are nothing if not gentle). To top it all, Friday coincided with a friend's visit and we decided that universe clearly wanted us to celebrate this joyous occasion. A quick browse through Zomato, an Uber call and we were on our way to The Funky Kona.

The place was pretty easy to locate as we traveled via ITI Road, Aundh. Fairy lights and a big neon sign on a fairly nondescript building from outside, but its a bundle of surprise from inside, and pleasant one at that. We were welcomed to the gentle strains of gazal being crooned on one end of the outside seating area, while people stood around watching, singing, eating, drinking and being a part of a great Friday pune crowd. Unsurprisingly, the lounge was brimming with people and we were lucky enough to score some seats, albeit at the furthest corner of the bar. So as we sat around lamely joking about how we were having a real 'kona' experience (I swear it was hilarious at the time, y'all) we ordered jugs of COSMOPOLITANS and BEERS and glasses of WINE. Uh, it was Friday after all.

The ambiance really started to liven up as the singer wrapped up his songs and the in-house DJ got into action. It was either that or the wine was going to our heads, either way, the place was getting crowdier by the minute. However the servers were doing an excellent job getting the orders quicker than you'd expect through a sea of people.

For eats we ordered ROASTED CHICKEN CHILLY, CHICKEN NACHOS WITH SALSA, CHICKEN TERIYAKI, BBQ PIZZA. The ROASTED CHICKEN CHILLY was covered in sauces with strips of chicken, capsicum and onions. The chicken tasted great and it went famously with the beer.

Roasted chicken chilli

CHICKEN NACHOS could have been great but we will settle down for good. The salsa was very less compared to the quantity of nachos and the mayo was lacking too. We polished it off anyway. We are a famished lot.

Chicken nachos

CHICKEN TERIYAKI had 6 slices of spiced chicken. The chicken was tender and spices just right. We wiped off the plates before you could say 'Funky'. We really dug this one though.

Chicken teriyaki

BBQ pizza was thin crust pizza loaded with bbq chicken, cheese and other goodness. It was quite large and great for those bonding moments with your friends when you laugh and share pizzas and gossip. Just kidding, we fought like a wolf pack for second helpings.

BBQ chicken pizza

Over all, Funky Kona spelled a successful friday for us all. The service was warm and friendly even in the midst of all the pandemonium. We'd suggest you give this place a visit with your own crew for a fun night out. Do drop in early on weekends for choice seats.

Roasted chicken chilli

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