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"Gustozo", as the menu read, comes from a Spanish word 'Gustoso', which means enjoyable or tasty. It was nearing 12 pm when we trudged in on a Saturday morning for our ritualistic breakfast out and this was the first words we read out of the laminated menu. 'That's a rather tall claim naming your eatery tasty', the thought vaguely drifted through our sleepy tired heads; right after 'I wonder if it'll live up to its name' and right before 'oooh they have eggs!'.
Though they serve breakfast only up to 11 am but a quick consultation with a attentive server and we were informed we could still have a chance to redeem our tardiness.

The place is a comfortable sized cafe/bistro styled eatery with a cosy and relaxed vibe to it. Its on the stretch of Aundh-Baner road that also houses The Funky Kona and 2 minutes away from Hoppipolla. Its easy to miss Gustozo but not if you are really looking. When we got here we wondered how we hadn't seen this cafe before with its deck with white tables and chairs and those ubiquitous cafe black boards announcing the bistro menu. Insides was better. There was the happy music playing with sunlight streaming in from the large windows all along the walls and couches lining up the far end of the cafe. Seats were nice beside the bay windows, with tall tables and high chairs, soaking in vitamin D as we pored over the menu.
The kitchen was at the other half of the cafe partitioned by a glass wall where you could watch your food being prepared and chefs busy at work.

We ended up ordering some breakfast with EGGS ON TOAST, THE BIG BEN SANDWICH, CAPPUCCINO. We also threw in a OLIVE AND CHICKEN SKEWERS dish for good measure. (The menu was too tempting)

EGGS ON TOAST was a good weekend breakfast. The eggs were a bit too dry for our liking and a bit under-seasoned but toast just the right crispy.

Egg and toast

THE BIG BEN SANDWICH was much appreciated for its great filling. It had a load of caramelized onion and chicken with seasoning that packed a burst of flavor. A good solid man's sandwich.

Big Ben Sandwich

Big Ben Sandwich

OLIVE AND CHICKEN SKEWERS was the last but they probably wanted to leave an impression because it was great. Good sized chunks of chicken skewered on sticks with green and black olives. It was topped with a red saucy gravy which completed the dish. Only the olives were bland probably because they got grilled too. But we the chicken was great so it was a win.

Olive and chicken skewers

Olive and chicken skewers

CAPPUCCINO was just as it was supposed to be. Right amount of caffeine to kick start the day.


The service was really nice. We were tended to constantly and treated well. The service was not the fastest but it was manageable because the food was turning out good.

The only grouse? Limited breakfast. We hope they add waffles or crêpes or pancakes. One half of TKD is a sucker for sweet breakfasts.
But even without it we believe we might have found a new breakfast place to add to our repertoire.

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