German love affair

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The German bakery is not only an landmark eatery for Pune's gastronomic landscape but is also a symbol for courage in the face of terror. Year 2010 was devastating for every one when terrorists chose the bakery as a site of a terror attack. The bomb blasts razed the place to the ground but it could not kill the Indian spirit of resilience. The German Bakery vowed to be back on their feet as soon as they could manage and it reopened it's doors to the Pune once more on 2012, much to the delight of the foodies.

The German Bakery incidentally has nothing to do with anything German, except for its name which was given to it by a German. The place is buzzing with people at all times. It's frequent patrons not only include the usual college kids looking for cool places to eat or people walking in for meetings over coffee or breakfasts but also foreigners partly because its situated quite close to the renowned Osho Ashram and also because the German bakery is quite famous.

This fame however can not be attributed to just the terror attacks that took place here all those years ago, for the German Bakery has always upheld it's reputation for quality food. Every food lovers worth their salt know that if you are at German Bakery you know your food is going to be good. No wonder that any new travelers or visitors to pune are suggested to visit here before they leave.

As the name suggests, German Bakery is a bakery alright but not just so. The post terror attack German Bakery brought a lot of changes in the eatery which was not just pertaining to the security checks at the entrance but also the menu which has now become more bistro like.
The menu is delightful and you will have to make a lot of trips here before you can hope to cover everything. But it caters to every meal be it breakfasts or brunches or light lunches or afternoon bites. Our favorites from the menu are the Spanish omelette, German sausage omelette, hommus and pita bread, balinese chicken satay, the barbecue chicken burgers, white sauce pastas and salads especially the chicken Ceasar. The list is long but it is just some of the things we have tried and loved on our uncountable trips to this much loved eatery. This doesn't cover the bakery items that we make sure to pick whenever we get the chance. The cookies and biscottis, cheesecakes and lamingtons are always great. You will find cheesecakes in different flavors everytime, we once had pumpkin which we adored. Do try the red velvet cakes and rainbow cakes whenever you feel the sweet tooth hankering for it.

Good places have a habit of getting incorporated in your routine. You know that if you are flying back home to see your folks you need to make the mandatory visit to German Bakery for Shrewsbury biscuits, cookies and Lamingtons; you know if your folks come visiting you, you are going to set one day out for brunch here; And if you are in or around Koregaon Park it's a given that your breakfast/lunch/snacks are unquestionably here. The place not only grows on you but you start expecting greatness everytime you are here. And I guess that's the scariest part. Because now you have to keep increasing the bar to not only delight new patrons but also retain the old clientele that already trusts you.


CHICKEN SASHLIK was pieces of chicken coated with spices and roasted to perfection. It was served with red sauce which complemented the chicken.

Chicken Sashlik

Chicken Sashlik

BALINESE CHICKEN SATAY had chicken served in skewers and topped with a white cheesy, mayo sauce. We loved this dish and couldn't get enough of the skewered chicken. It also had a side of vegetable julienne.

Balinese Chicken Satay

FARM HOUSE SPECIAL PIZZA seemed a bit under seasoned and the quantity of vegetables was scarce too. Apart from that the taste was as you'd expect out of an eatery of German Bakery's caliber.

Farmhouse special pizza

HUMMOS AND PITA BREAD had pieces of pita bread cut up in bite sizes with HUMMOS. The hummos was flavorsome and on point with the taste but again the quantity was very less for all the pita pieces.

Hummos and pita bread

Hummos and pita bread

The CAPPUCCINO was perfect and it came with a small cookie.


BERRY COLA ICED TEA was a revelation. It was an iced tea made in cola with flavors of berries in it. The drink was cool and refreshing.

Berry cola iced tea

All in all, it was a perfect sunday brunch for us. One of the many more to come. We can only hope that German Bakery keeps getting better and better. Being one of the best in a field also means greater expectations. And with so many new and creative eating places opening up in Pune, the competition only gets tougher.

But no matter what, Koregaon Park will always be known as the address of one of the most iconic eateries Pune has had.

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