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Hola mi amigos! The kukkad diaries is going all Mexicano this month. We have always been fans of Mexican food right after Italian and our perfect meal would definitely have nachos in it. So no wonder that given a chance we'd jump at the opportunity to celebrate the mexican cuisine. But the best part is, you get to join in on our celebration too! This is because Hard Rock Cafe is bringing THE TASTE OF MEXICO to all foodies this entire month.

Come 2nd of May (it's today! Yay!) all of Hard Rock Cafe patrons will be treated to a whole new, exclusive menu featuring the ethnic and authentic taste of Mexico crafted in the true blue rock and roll, Hard Rock style. The menu boasts of specially crafted dishes and cocktails that pay homage to the traditional Mexican spices and flavours.

So why should you head down to the nearest Hard Rock Cafe near you just to sample the Mexican fare, you ask? Because apart from the authentic Mexican dining delight they are offering, it's a festival in it's truest sense. There will be fun, games and experiences like the karaoke to give it a Mexican twist.

We were lucky enough to get invited for a preview and a tasting of the festival in question. So we joined some of our blogger friends in sampling the highlights of the menu.

Though we were the late ones to get to the gathering, we were welcomed warmly and managed to participate in a nacho eating competition. It involved a team of two with one teammate feeding the other. Mr. TKD won the match with finesse (he was starving) inspite of a minor hitch where he bit my finger along with a piece of nacho (ouch! ).

We were first introduced to the colorful cocktails in the menu. They were mostly tequila based and had unique flavors. We could tell that utmost care had been taken to bring as much Mexican flavors as possible. There were tequila shots (featuring the Jose Cuervo Especially Respasado tequila) along with shots such as Shot in the head.

Shot in the head

We also got to try some of the more exotic cocktails like the classic blue margarita for two, Mexican Bulldog margarita, Diablo, Amigo and Cranberry and lychee margarita.

We really liked the CLASSIC BLUE MARGARITA for its pretty blue color and cool, tangy taste.

Classic blue margarita

Our other favorites were the CRANBERRY AND LYCHEE which was sweet and went perfectly with the spicy food we had.

Cranberry and lychee

Cranberry and lychee

TROUBLEMAKER true to its name had jalapeƱo bits and chilli floating in it, but tasted not as troublesome.


The MEXICAN BULLDOG was the bad boy of the table with a bottle of Corona tipped over a huge glass of icy margarita. It was hard to miss and hit with the beer fans.

Mexican bulldog

Mexican bulldog

AMIGO was probably the prettiest with nice cherry pink color with the soury sweetness of cherries but the kick of the tequila.


Diablo tasted like summer in a glass with fruit of the season, mango and sliced cucumber along with tequila. It was great for refreshing your pallet after a spicy taco. However, the taste of the cucumber was a bit overpowering.


The drinks were soon followed by amazing food. The first being the TEX-MEX SPICED CHAR GRILLED CHICKEN SKEWERS which were probably a top favorite. It came with a sunny mustard dip which really rounded off the flavours. The chicken was spot on with the tex mex spices and charred just right. We couldn't get enough of skewers and were soon rifling through the other end of the table looking for more.

Tex mex spiced char grilled chicken skewers

Tex mex spiced char grilled chicken skewers

The FIESTA CHICKEN QUESADILLA came next and it was packed with flavors. It might have been one of the best quesadillas we have eaten lately. It came with Chipotle sauce, quacamole dip (oh so yum!) and sour cream. Do give this one a try.

Fiesta chicken quesadilla

Fiesta chicken quesadilla

The BURRITOS both veggie and non veg versions were huge! So huge it was intimidating to try and eat one. Also the size made it a bit awkward trying to eat it. The tortilla was flour based so it went soft quite fast making it a struggle to try and keep the stuffing from bursting out. However the saving grace was the amazingly crispy and spicy fries it came with! It was such mad tasty I'd order in burritos just to eat the fries.


We also tried the TACOS and COTTAGE CHEESE BBQ SKEWERS, but it's the curse of the kukkad-love, we really didnt register the vegetarian numbers. Either that or we were busy hogging on the leftover chicken skewers.

Chicken tacos

Veg tacos

Cottage cheese bbq skewers

The Hard Rock Cafe team was warm and inviting as usual. Led by Chef Sardeep Singh the HRC team led us through a gastronomic Mexican journey. The entire place was decked up with Mexican themed festoons and baubles and there were props at hand if you'd fancy a Mexicana selfie.
So put your Sombreros on and hop to Hard Rock Cafe for all the treats in store. Thank us later.
P. S. Do post all your HRC shenanigans on insta or Twitter with #tasteofmexico so that we can follow the fun !

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  2. This is a great place organize an event; they have great staff and great events put on here! I had nothing but great times and great conversations at NYC venues here. They served slider and shrimp cakes as appetizers with chicken skewers, and eggrolls that had veggies on the inside and some kind of creamy fruit sauce on top.