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When we were starting off with the whole idea of blogging, we had shortlisted a few places that we wanted to visit and review for the sole purpose of the blog. It was a crazy time. Enthusiastic as any newbie blogger could be,pumped with the idea of getting as much pictures and visit as many places that we physically or rather gastronomically could. We often dragged along friends to new eateries,for company and help us hog along with us as we tried to eat our way through the food blog scene.

There was this one time we decided to visit FC road and ate in 3 places in a row. We only stopped at 3 because we couldnt eat anymore. We were really stuffed at the end of the morning; my stomach was positively bursting and threatening to declare independence from the rest of the body.
Well we did learn quickly, that we might as well mellow down and take things coolly. So now we visit places that sound promising and we keep it restricted to one restaurant a day on the weekends. We have also found, that apart from anything else, a food blogger really needs good digestion especially when you start attending food tastings regularly and sometimes every other day.

But our mad quests also yielded some interesting result. On our FC Road sweep we chose The Chaai as one of our stops. It was very difficult not stopping for some shoe shopping spree because we had so much ground to cover. So we just walked into the The Chaai, which was located at the first floor of the main building right on FC road.

The place is quite large for a cafe. It has a lot of tables and some strategically placed ones right by the glass facade looking out on to the road. There are cabins too if you might prefer some privacy. Although you have to pay for that, apparently. There is also a large TV playing the day's matches if you might feel ever so inclined to check the day's matches and scores. It's built with afternoon hangouts with friends with all the comfy couches and air conditioned seating area. One wall has a cabinet with quirky cups and kettles. We liked the general, cafe vibe of the place.

By the time we had properly settled in we had placed our orders. One thing that happens when you are out and about with vegetarian friends is that you have to order more vegetarian food so you can share it with them. Because lets be real, its no fun going out for a meal as a group and not stealing a bite from the person beside you. So no matter how much we crib about it, we end up eating the herbivorous fare anyway. We opted for Neopolitan Pizza, Chicken tender, Pomodoro Queso pasta, Pancakes, Almond Frappe and Masala Chai.

The order arrived promptly. The CHICKEN TENDER was like fritters, deeply fried and a bit dry. We didnt really fancy that as much. Also it was the only chicken dish we ordered so it was rather disappointing.

Chicken tender

Chicken tender

NEOPOLITAN PIZZA had a thin base which is how we prefer it. However we wish it was more crispy. The toppings were as good as vegetarian pizza topping can get, though it may be up for a debate as we soon did. The opinions about the pizza varied from good to decent to meh. But we liked it anyway.

Neopolitan pizza

Neopolitan pizza

POMODORO QUESO pasta was a mix of the red and white sauce. It was perfect balance of tangy and creamy with al dente pasta. Being a hard core non-vegetarian means you are bound to miss the chicken bits in your pasta but our vegetarians friends loved it. So that means The Chaai people did good. A+ for the pasta.

Pomodoro queso

Pomodoro queso

Now the PANCAKES were the last, but it took the cake. It came neatly stacked with side of maple syrup and cream. It was spongy and soft and delicious. I generally love pancakes so I tend to like pancakes any which way but going by how the other "I'm-too-full-for-sweet" sayers attacked my pancakes, it's safe to say they were indeed good.


ALMOND FRAPPE was a bit too watery for our taste. Though it looked nice with the whipped cream and had a subtle almond taste but the consistency was off-putting. The CHAAI too wasn't impressive especially for a place named just so.

Almond frappe

The Chaai wasn't the only stop that day but it was one of the most noticeable ones. Try it out the next time you are in FC Road for shopping.

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