Green Tokri : Fake spaghetti, the im-pasta

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We are lazy folks and once we have settled into the saturday afternoon stupor, there are barely anything that could get us to venture out. Unless it's food of course. Or if Tom Hiddleston was to invite us for lunch. But then there are days when you've got to apologize to Tommy and refuse (this is harder) the food because the lethargy has hit the roof. So on those days we get our hourly sustenance from home-delivered food or quick pasta in between sessions of Game of Thrones.

This saturday we were feeling lazy as usual but not as much to have refused Tom's invite. But since that never materialized we decided to do something different and get creative with some sphagetti we had lying around and a jar of sun-dried tomatoes in oil by Green Tokri.

Now, Green Tokri, in addition to all the fresh veggies also have a good range of gourmet food products to offer which has been made with their farm-fresh, home-grown produce. It spreads out from mayonnaise to spreads, jams to salad dressings, pickles to sauces. All of these products have no added flavors or preservatives making them a healthy choice for the kitchen.

We have already tried their mayo, spreads and vegetables in the previous recipes. We decided to whip up a quick, healthy and tasty spaghetti this time using the sun-dried tomatoes. Green Tokri has 2 variants of sun-dried tomatoes. One is in oil that you could directly use for your pastas, noodles etc. The other variety comes in a packet and is dried. You can use it to make a great sauce for pastas like we did or simply use it as topping on a pizza or bruschetta or pop it in salads for fun texture.

The Green Tokri products are reasonable and you could acquire most of them at prices below 100 Rupees.

Since we were really hungry we decided to toss in every thing we could find in the fridge in the bowl. So in went some cubed cottage cheese, boiled eggs, carrots, zucchini and spring onion. Of course you can customize your own spread. All you need to do is get the tomato paste handy and boil some spaghetti al-dente. And everything from there is throwing in and mixing.

Well, we aren't actually cooks so we won't give you the measurements (because we don't remember) but we will tell you what we did.

• In a pot, bring water to boil and add the spagetti in. Throw in a teaspoon of salt and a dash of olive oil or refined oil if you are out of olive oil. This makes sure your spaghetti don't clump.
• While the spaghetti cooks, in a pan, heat up some olive oil/refined oil and add garlic and the sun-dried tomato halves. Sautee until the tomatoes go soft and mushy.
• Add some fresh, diced tomatoes and a bit of tomato sauce for a good consistency. Add some salt to taste and a bit of sugar. You can throw in some cheese for the creaminess. We sometimes use the Amul cheese spread for our pasta and it works like a charm.
• Let the sauce simmer a bit and throw in a few basil leaves.

When the spaghetti is done just mix it with the spaghetti. We decided to keep it at the base of the bowl for the benefit of the pictures.
We also added a boiled egg and cottage cheese cubed and sauteed in olive oil. Garnish it with whatever you wish, or don't. It's comfort food and we are not running for masterchef, are we :)

Have fun with the Green Tokri products and try your own recipes. We are still looking into more ways to eat our sun-dried tomatoes. Let us know if you find one!

Mean while check out the Green Tokri store for all the goodness in store. | |

P.S: Green Tokri also organizes farm tour of their extensive farms in Sasvad. You can visit with your family and enjoy the greenery and natural landscape of their sweeping farms as well as pick produce for yourself. The tour will help you understand the working of Green Tokri and give you a peek into the farm life. The tour is chalked for an entire day and sounds quite fun! Contact GT for more details.

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