Breaking Bread

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Halfway through the week, The Kukkad Diaries found themselves in their favorite Aundh spot. (For the uninitiated it's the spot in ITI Road where Crossword bookstore is located along with street food stalls, Natural's icecream outlet, the froyo outlet, the Starbucks outlet and the helium balloons sellers) It's a good spot in the evenings for walking along enjoying the cool breeze, or popping in to thumb through the latest paperbacks or just hog. We usually do this on the weekends but the incredible BTeam surprised us with another invite, this time to sample a newly started food truck, Breaking Bread. So tuesday, office night or not, we Ubered ourselves to the spot mostly to meet the folks again and of course, food.

The food truck is located in a surprisingly spacey part of the street considering how busy the junction usually is. You can spot it right across from Crossword. Though it has been operational since a couple of months but we hadn't really noticed it, probably because the exteriors are a bit drab in color and we mixed it up with a tea stall or something just as tame. But boy, were we wrong, because closer inspection revealed quirky quotes and pictures like the cheeky toaster announcing "I want you inside me, bread". Well, that's how I feel about bread too.

The truck usually starts by 7 pm and there are always a bee line for the goods. The BTeam and our fellow blogger friends stood around the truck getting pictures and joking around while the food got ready. We were served the VIRGIN KOKAM MOJITO while we waited. It was a refreshing drink with a twist to the regular mojito with the addition of the Kokam flavor. The drink had distinct tastes of kokam as well as the mint and had spices to add the required kick. We quite liked this one.

Virgin Kokam Mojito


CHICKEN IN A MESS and THE HOT MESS are new preparations that the chefs of Breaking Bread have introduced. It basically has a bed of french fries topped up with shredded chicken in case of CHICKEN IN A MESS or beans for the vegetarian THE HOT MESS version. The chicken/beans are sauteed in tangy sauce and piled on to the fries. The whole thing is garnished with cheese and salsa t pep it up. We really enjoyed the chicken version to the bean one. The bean version, true to its name seemed a bit more messy, with the sauces being runnier than the non-veg one. Also if you order this you'd want to eat the thing as soon as possible because the sauces gets the fries soggy very fast and soggy fries are not our most favorite thing in the world.

The Hot Mess

Chicken in a Mess

The PUNE TOASTIES and the CHICKEN TOASTIES were grilled sandwiches. The PUNE TOASTIES had mashed potatoes mixed with cheese, mayo and mint into a creamy texture while the CHICKEN TOASTIES had additional shredded chicken bits in it. We quite liked the flavor and the mintiness of the stuffing. However many conceded to it lacking a punch for the want of seasoning. Well, if you are not really fans of 'very spicy' then you should probably go for the toasties.

Pune Toasties

Chicken Toasties

THE JERK CHICKEN BURGER and the GOAN CHICKEN BURGER were a burger lover's dream. Both had marinated chunks of chicken sauteed in spices and stuffed liberally in the folds of the bun. The JERK CHICKEN had a Caribbean flavors and was much less spicy to the GOAN. The GOAN CHICKEN was sauteed in hot and spicy flavors and was the favorite of the night. It had the punch of the spices, the generous amount of chicken and good veggies to bun ratio. a must-try!

The Jerk Burger

Goan Chicken Burger

For desserts we were served the only dessert in the menu, the BANOFFEE SANDWICH, which mostly turned out to be a burger. The buns doused in chocolate sauce enclosed within them banana slices, chocolate sauce and what tasted unmistakably like peanut butter. Well, I'm not allergic to peanuts but I do not enjoy peanuts in my food and would have liked to know if the dish had peanut in it, perhaps in the description. I do enjoy my chocolate and banana grilled sandwich and would have loved if the BANOFFEE SANDWICH had the crunchiness of a toast perhaps instead of buns.

Banoffee Sandwich

By the time we were done with the menu, we were considerably stuffed. Warm good-byes and see-you's commenced as we all made our way back home. Our little food truck adventure was perfect as it should be with friends and we never felt for a bit that we had congregated there for a job. Jokes, fun, food, laughter.... That's what's like Breaking Bread with food bloggers. :)

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  1. Great blog and a fab Job with capturing the flambé ! #ThumbsUp :)

  2. Thanks a ton Akshay....we were really impressed by your photographs posted your blog....We need to catch up sometime soon and get some tips :D