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Sometimes you just come across that one place that you just
1. love start to finish,
2. can't gushing over and
3. can't wait to go back to, to try something new out of the menu.

Well we come across such gems rarely and when we do, we make it a point to share it with you food lovers.

The perfect place for us lately has been The K Factory. If you reside somewhere around Baner chances are you know or have heard of it already. Evenings, post 7 will always find the place buzzing with steady line of hungry people looking for a table. We find evenings the best time to be here as the ambiance is great. What happens when a diner and a ritzy, uptown restaurant marry and have a baby? That's K Factory for you. Classy yet casual. Does that make sense? Yeah, I think not. But you have to be here to know what I talking about.
And it's not just the interiors. The food, (oh, the food) is a perfect amalgamation of diner food with a gourmet twist. The presentation is beautiful, something that wouldn't look out of place on masterchef Australia. But then at the end of the meal, you look at your bill and you know you are never going to stop coming here anytime soon.

Since the time we have 'discovered', The Kukkad Diaries has been here quite a few times. Mr. TKD's philosophy on food is, if you love eating something or somewhere, eat until you don't want to eat it any longer. Though it did work for the time we were super obsessed with Caesar Salad and we literally lived on it for a month and we couldn't look at it for the following 3 months to come. However 4 trips to K Factory has yet to get us tired of the place. If you saw us you'd think we were on a mission to try everything on the menu. And we have. Almost.

So instead of a regular review, we give you our top picks and recommendations :

1. FLATBREADS: Its like K Factory's answer to omnipresent pizza. Thin crust and topped with choicest toppings. This is our sure pick off the menu. The bread is unleavened and doesn't use yeast but that doesn't make it less yummy. Toppings range from spicy chicken to tandoor vegetables.
TKD picks: Caramelized Onions & Spicy Goan Chorizo, Spicy Peri Peri Chicken

2. ROASTED CHICKEN DRUMETTES: These are probably one of the best drumsticks we have had. The spiciness is on point and the slow roasted chicken is so tender the meat just falls off the bone. It comes with a sour cream dip. The kukkadness just peaks with this one.

3. BBQ COTTAGE CHEESE TIKKA: Large chunks of cottage cheese grilled to perfection with marination of creamy cashews and cheese and teamed with grilled onion and tomatoes. It comes with a side of potato wedges that are wholesome and delicious at the same time.

4. DECONSTRUCTED PHILADELPHIA BAKED CHEESECAKE : Oh lord. This is like out kryptonite. I go weak in the knees for this one. The cheesecake is as it should be. Light yet cheesy. So smooth it puts James Bond to shame. It comes with butter crumble at the side and blueberry coulis and some mango cream. Just thinking about the cheesecake is making me hungry.

5. Pan Fried Paprika Chicken - A spicy sensation chicken cooked to perfection served with spaghetti and a tinge of olive oil

6. COOKIE SMOOTHIE: We've tried almost all the smoothies and we liked this the best. If you are a big fan of chocolate you could go for the dark chocolate smoothie. However we found all that chocolate a bit overwhelming. I wouldn't have minded so much chocolate in my hot chocolate but the cookie smoothie is perfect blend of everything. Goes great with everything.

7. Hunter Potato Wedges - These are your regular potato wedges but topped with loads of mayo tomato ketchup and cheese. We do believe that cheese makes every dish better and this dish was no exception. A must try

This is just some of our picks from our last couple of visits. We are still trying out more and we'll keep you updated. Also tag us or tell us of your favorite dishes.

K Factory probably the most competitive rates and almost all less than or little more than 100 bucks. And trust me, the quality and taste is the impeccable.

Do try this place and share it on Instagram or Roposo with us! Happy Kukkad hunting till then :)

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