Five Reasons You'll Fall in Love with The Little Next Door, Kalyani Nagar

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Tucked away in quiet road in Kalyani Nagar is a little blue door. It's a pretty door, quite tiny, that grabs your attention and beckons you towards it. Little do you suspect, little does anything prepare you for what lies beyond. It might as well be named the doorway to Narnia, because it transports you to a different place. A fun place, to be precise.

We were lucky enough to get a chance to walk past (or crouch through, in Mr. TLD's case) the little blue door with an equally fun entourage. The foodie peeps accompanying us made sure that the happening place came alive with laughter, fun and silliness. And to sum it up we had an amazing night, something we really hadn't been expecting.

It may be quiet out on the street but once you walk in through the door, the place comes alive, buzzing with energy. Quite popular with the young crowd, you will find it hard to find tables on some weekends. The place is done up nicely with funky decor and colorful hues. Mismatched seating (we even spotted a couple of rocking chairs), stack of games, foosball table, live bar and indoor area as well makes sure you have enough room for all your shenanigans.

We were loaded with so much food and drinks that night that instead of a boring, detailed review, I will now proceed to prove how and why you'll probably love to hang out in The Little Next Door.

1. DRINK LIKE A FISH: The choices and the witty menu always makes me heady (though I suspect it's mostly the cocktails). The rates are nominal and the varieties so many to choose from. All the non-drinkers have a lot of interesting and unique mocktails. In fact, we ended up drinking quite a few as well.
 We were able to sample a host of drinks and if you love Oreos and have got a sweet tooth then, we'd suggest you try the FROSTED OREO. Its delicious. If not the BERRY and KIWI MOJITO is just as good, minus the chocolate. We also loved the JAGER CAPRIOSKA.

Teetotalers, give the SANGRIA a shot if you can.

2. PLAY LIKE IT'S FOR MONEY: Well, we are competitive blokes. Put us up with a challenge and we get the beast mode on at go. And when you spot a foosball table or a giant Jenga blocks you always hand out challenges like mints.

Everyone really got down to business and flocked the foosball table and the Jenga blocks. Bets were placed, cheers and jeers hurled and food tasting forgotten.

If you are planning to drop by with your gang expect to leave completely entertained. There are board games available too. And I'm sure I noticed a game of noughts and crosses made up of rope hanging on one corner. Sweet!

3. HOG LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW: Now comes the most important and delicious reason. The food is great. Right from the finger food to nibble on while you indulge in fun and games or sit down and eat during a date, there's something for everybody! Even vegetarians!

Our pick from the night's menu were THE CONFUSED NACHOS which were loaded with cheeses and sauces, with generous toppings of bellpeppers jalapenos, olives, feta etc. It was probably the most loved starter (probably because it arrived first and everyone was starving!)

There was also this BAIGANVILLA, which was basically a dish of 'Baigan' or Brinjal. And it came as a surprise because it didn't taste like one at all. The baingan mix was scooped into these crispy, savory pastry and it looked tempting on the plate.

We also liked the STICKY WINGS. Just like we prefer it. Tender chicken and hot, sticky sauce that you can dig into and make a mess out of. Mmmm.

The cutest dish was probably the PIG IN A BLANKET. So it literally had 3 tiny pastry piglets, baked to golden brown sitting on a bed of pork and bacon. I almost felt sad for cutting them but I really didn't regret it once I had a taste. Perfect!

Though we were pretty stuffed for the mains we ordered it none the less and best. decision. ever. It all started with KADDU RISOTTO. Yes, as the name clearly tells, it was risotto with pumpkin in it and guess what, it gives all other chicken risottos I've had a run for their money. It was that good! Creamy and delicious, it was a hearty meal in itself. So all meat-lovers, do give this a try before you pity the vegetarians. They actually have it good.

The non veg section offered dishes like STUFFY BREAST, which had a sizeable slab of chicken with sauce, mashed potatoes and veggies; SUNBATHING PRAWNS and BEEFY POTATO TAGINE which was welcomed with such excitement by a friend, that he hardly had eyes for anyone else. Him and beef have a real, torrid affair. Hmm, still a better story than twilight.

4. SWEET IT OUT: Oh, the dessert. TLD has come up with a line of sweets known as DRUNK DESSERTS. These will be spiked with considerable alcohol and its perfect for the parties or fun get-togethers with friends. We tried the RUM DRUM which had a rum soaked chocolate cake which got an extra layer of hot chocolate poured all over it.

We also got to try the MINI DONUTS and CHURROS which were served with a pot of warm and still warming pot of chocolate dip The Donuts and churros were soft and great to eat just as it came, but the chocolate dip and the punch in it, made it a great dessert to share over jokes and laughter.

5. PARTAY OWL THE TIME: The most important thing to consider while you are busy looking for spots to hit on a night out with friends is how interesting a place is and if the crowd there is just as nice. Trust me, there has been more than one time when we've had headed out for drinks with friends to swanky places and they've all turned damp squibs. No matter how great a place is, it's the ambience that really makes it happening.

With a huge space for moving around, 3 types of seating areas (indoors, outdoors and rooftop), good music and games TLD boasts of one of the best turn-out where party-goers are concerned. You can always make new friends over a game of foosball or involve in happy banter with friends at the bar. The steady in flow of the cool kids will make sure the atmosphere stays buzzing at all times!

Do give this place a visit. Most of the things we have tried were addition to a new menu, so even if you've been here before this calls for another pop in!
\We hope you like what we recommended. Let us know what you thought of it and if you'd like us to know of another great dish we missed out! We are nothing if not all ears for good food suggestions! :)

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