White Owl Beers: Beer lovers rejoice

23:39:00 Sudipti Singh 0 Comments

By now, you must have been introduced to White Owl as a premium brand of Craft beer. Since its inception it has made its presence felt in more than 70 restaurants and bars across Pune and Mumbai. Until now it was available on tap at all these locations, but there is a big news coming for all beer lovers. To cater to the huge growing demand for its brews, White owl is going to debut its beer in 'BOTTLES'!

The bottles will be available in DIABLO- a light irish red ale and SPARK- a citrusy Belgian wit. The B Team was invited to an exclusive tasting of the beers hosted by Raasta Cafe, Baner.

The Cafe itself is a beautiful property to unwind in the evenings. Open air, good music and great food makes this place a must-go for weekend hangouts. We were well taken care of with good food that went along well with the amazing beers.

We tried the SPARK, DIABLO and ACE. The ACE is apple cider and I had a partiality to it. I'm not the biggest fan of beer but the apple cider really impressed me. So I guess, White Owl has something for everybody.

White owl has 7 or so brews mastered but Spark, Diablo and Ace are the more popular ones that are also easily available in Pune. Next time you go for a beer run, give this one a go. Also, let us know what you think?

A big thanks to Raasta Cafe for hosting us. We had a great time and the food is incredible. Also some love sent to White Owl for the tremendous job done with the brews and much love to the lovely yet exasperated Svetlana of Carpe Diem. I know this post was a long time coming but you know we love you :)

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