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Culture Pune has opened up in one of the busiest streets of Pune, Fergusson College Road, and I have already cataloged it as my go-to place for food and drinks with friends.

Double Decker Chicken Burger

This was one of the places I was able to go to with Mr. TKD in tow (occasions like these are few and far in between since he upped and left for Delhi last year) and we enjoyed it.

Rawa Tawa Bombil Fry

For people who are familiar with Delhi food scene, Mr.TKD reports he could draw a lot of similarity as far as the ambience , the design of the menu and the aesthetics of the place went. But it was one of those fun tasting with friends which start as a tasting but ends up like a hang out instead. But yes, a lot of the good time was drawn out of the fact that the food and drinks were good.

Bakes cauliflower with fried garlic

But, but, but....there's a caveat. Next time I go I'll personally steer clear of the mains perhaps.

As they admitted themselves, Culture Pune is trying to be a place where you go in with your friends and hang out and spend time while you indulge in some good drinks and munchies by the side. They are not looking to be a proper restaurant which I guess is a fair point.
So the do have mains in the menu, but you might want to go for some amazing options in other parts of it instead.

Here's what we suggest you try!
  • DRINKS: I was really happy spending the night nursing a glass of my much loved SANGRIA (which was really good tbh) but I was on a tasting. So I tried the CULTURE ELECTRIC GIN which came in a cool bulb  It tasted delicious and found many takers on the table.
    I also specially liked the TULSI BAUG which was vodka based and unusually served in a brass pot but tasted really nice too.
Tulsi Baug

  • My suggestion, go experimental and try what catches your fancy. They take great care in preparing their drinks and almost everything we tried, we liked.
  • PANEER SOFIYANI TIKKA is something we all unanimously liked and devoured, vegetarians, non-vegetarians alike. Very tender paneer pieces and spiced delicately. Really tasty.
Paneer Sofiyani Tikka

  • TOSSED THAI BASIL CHICKEN was another crowd pleasure. The thai elements were well played on the dish and it really made for a good accompaniment to the wonderful cocktails.
Tossed Thai Basil Chicken

  • PRAWN CURRY WITH RICE: We know we asked you to stay clear of the mains. But this here is your savior if the hunger pangs are too much to handle. I personally loved the curry and
    with the rice it made for a good after-drinks meal.
Teriyaki Chicken

  • BOURBON PANNA COTTA was one of the satisfying desserts we tried that day. Beautiful, creamy panna cotta sitting pretty on a bourbon based sauce. It was wiped clean so fast, how I managed to get a picture is a miracle.
Bourbon Panna Cotta

  • RASPBERRY CREME BRULEE: Oh my heart! The creme brulee at Culture Pune is something you must try when you visit. They do it right with the creamy custard and that caramelized sugar coating on top that cracks as you go for it. Plus they add a twist with fresh fruits. My favorite perhaps. 
Raspberry Creme Brulee

There is so much to discover more and the place promises fun time just by the look of it. No wonder it was bustling even on a wednesday night.

Ratatoullie Palif

Here's thanking Culture Pune for the invite and the great service rendered. Hopefully the feedback and improvements only make it better than it already is!!

Burnt Garlic Veggies

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