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Sealing Koregaon Park's fate as one of the most popular party and hang out zone in Pune, is the brand new entrant. Rubbing shoulders with the oldies like Hard Rock Cafe is the spanking new complex of Unwind.

My initial impression of the place, when I first got there for the launch, was that it looked incredibly like a classy Goa shack with live music and people thronging the area. The ambience, needless to say, was incredible for a weekend night out.
The most recent visit I had was for a quiet dinner in the Bistro area and it was a spacious location, overlooking the alfresco area. Its very open and breezy space, with wooden table and chairs giving it a very beachy feel.

Unwind is now soon going to unveil its incredible night club which seems kick ass just by the sound of it. But if you are visiting for a nice meal here are a few tips you could use from my experience of the place!

Chicken Kebab

Here are the things that I thought were amazing and you should try!
  • DRINKS: Frankly going by how they want to market themselves, they are on point with the drinks. All the concoctions are great and you might want to get a bit more adventurous with the drinks menu to find out what really ticks your taste buds.
    I downed quite a number of MOJITOs which is hard to go wrong with but they still did a pretty good job nevertheless. Another favorite that you can try if you are not adventurous is the white wine based, HUGO, which was definitely the star of the table that night.
  • DIM SUMS: I loved all the dim sums that we were served that night and especially loved how they were paired so well with the accompanying sauces. I particularly favored the CHICKEN DIM SUMS though and quite liked the BROCCOLI AND WATER CHESTNUT one as well.

  • MALAI BROCCOLI: I know right? Broccoli has been the bane of my existence growing up with my mother sneaking it into my food ever so often. We have been at loggerheads until I was served this cracking of a dish. We actually had seconds and maybe thirds. But seriously guys, vegetarian or no, give this dish a shot. You might be in for a surprise.
  • CHILLI GARLIC FISH was supposed to be an appetizer but it came with a nice thick gravy that made me wish for a bowl of piping, hot steamed rice so bad! The fish was delicately cooked and the gravy was beautiful, but it can be disappointing if you order this for starters. I'd definitely treat this as mains.
  • I was eyeing the SOBA NOODLES in the menu since the time I sat down at the table. And it was worth all the wait! It was so good with the eggs on them. Definitely go for them. Soba Noodles are made out of buckwheat flour so they have this really amazing flavor, almost nutty. I really enjoyed this one.
  • PRAWN THAI RED CURRY was a beautiful, beautiful curry that I just wanted to carry home, snuggle under a blanket in front of the telly and hog on it till I was fat and happy. It was absolutely comforting and with the steamed, sticky rice absolutely heaven. Try it, please?

And now the things I'd suggest you miss, in case you were wanting to try it at Unwind:
  • FLATBREADS: Maybe it was just me, but the flat breads didn't sit well with me at all. Was it the blandness? or the weird cheese? I don't know but I'd personally steer clear of all the flat breads when I'm down there for my Soba Noodles run. Only other thing flat about these breads was the taste.

  • I nearly chocked on BARBADOS KE JHINGE. I do believe it could be amazing because it sounds incredible on paper. Marinated prawns flambéed with old monk. But sadly all the flambé left the prawns swimming in rum which only made it bitter. Too cloying for my palate. Maybe someone into Rum may like it? Now that's a thought, but you wouldn't really be tasting any prawns though.
  • The only dessert we had that night was the CHOCOLATE MUD PIE which did look tempting. The consistency was however very congealed and thick. It was a bit unyielding to my spoon and didn't want to be eaten that day. So I let it go, with a taste of course. :D
    But I guess they have a lot of other desserts to choose from that you can try.

In spite of these minor setbacks, you can definitely opt for Unwind for a good place to.... unwind(?) at the end of the day. Also, I guess we also have to take in the consideration of the fact that this is a really new place and it's still evolving everyday. They are constantly taking feedback and improving on food and things.

Do give this place a shot and tell me YOUR favorites if any? 

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