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Any self respecting food enthusiast in Pune will have had Conrad, Pune in their radar for a while now. This is mostly owing to the fact that Conrad has been coming up with quite a number of intriguing and interesting food events and festivals. This coupled with the fact that they put in quite an effort to ensure every event is nothing short of a gastronomic delight.

On Saturday, we finally made our way to Koji, Conrad's in-house Asian themed restaurant for the Dimsum festival. Tucked away in one end of the Conrad lobby is this magnificently done up restaurant. It's like stepping in from the intimidatingly grand interiors of a luxury hotel to a intimate yet sumptuous eatery. 
Needless to say, the ambience is classy with the intricate, blown glass chandeliers, artifacts that represent orient in more ways than one, origami wall arts. The place is inviting and resplendent at the same time. We are ushered in to a private dining area that seats at least 14 people, that are usually reserved for the frequent clientele.

What followed certainly did justice to the word 'Festival'. The whole menu celebrates all forms of dimsums. Different fillings and different textures culminate to give a wholesome experience. Needless to say the Dimsum special menu is extensive. Plus there are fun new cocktails and mocktails to go along the dishes, specially crafted for the festival.

If you are going for the Dimsum festival and the menu intimidates you because of all the exotic names (and if you trust me enough :D ), here are some of favorite picks from the menu:

  • SPICY LOTUS ROOT and POK CHOY - These dimsums were perhaps my favorite from the vegetarian section. The filling was slightly crunchy yes delicious. Lightly spiced with chilli oil, it was quite a hit.
  • POTSTICKERS - The signature dimsums come under both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections and I found them specially yum. The CHICKEN and CHIVE version was heaven. Very smooth and very beautifully seasoned filling. The vegetarian one is perhaps there to make sure the non-meat eaters don't miss out on this delicacy. The rice flour base adds the crunchiness that just makes this dimsum a class apart.
  • CLASSIC CHICKEN JIAOZI - These were beautiful specimen on chicken dumplings. The chicken filling of scrumptious poached chicken and the hint of sweetness from the soy felt like a fireworks of flavors in the mouth. If you are kukkad lover, don't miss this.
  • FLOURLESS LAMB with BLACK BEAN SAUCE - These were perhaps the only dimsums served with some broth. It was soul food with the warm delish bean sauce and rolls of perfectly cooked, tender lamb dumplings that fell apart in every bite to reveal myriad of flavors.
  • PRAWN TRUFFLE and EDAMAME - I basically binged on this because I couldn't help it. The presentation was class apart as only Conrad can pull off with a activated charcoal dusting. But the taste unwrapped the richness of the prawn truffles and went so well with the edamame beans.
  • EGG and CUSTARD BUN - This was perhaps my love in first bite! I love this dish to bits. And I love Conrad for having this on the menu. This dish is love. And there is no way you could hate it. Smooth, eggy custard filling inside a pillowy, soft baos. Damn! Even if you are not into asian food or are in no way interested in the Dimsum festival, this is a dish you should go in there for. I will, I'm sure.
Everything else on the menu were amazing too, but these really stood out for me. Apart from the food, the drinks have been specially crafted for the festival and I would invite you to try it on your own rather than me suggesting from what little I tried. I say this because the bar-managers are extremely helpful and they make suggestions for you considering your preferences and choice of dish.
Since all the drinks have been concocted to compliment the dishes in the menu, it makes more sense to have the drinks chosen for you. Adventure is out there! 

The festival is on from 10th to 19th November, 2017 at KOJI, Conrad Pune. Make sure you drop in to sample the amazing dimsums and let us know your favorite picks!

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