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For a place curiosly named 1BHK, the actual place looked uber swanky and chic. One saturday noon, found me in the 'Superbar' for a tasting and though I had heard about the place (and received it with mild amusement), I was pleasantly surprised with the decor.

The place has been nicely done up with choices for the patrons to sit outside as well as indoors. The upper floor is done up elaborately with rather prominent bar in the middle. The owner/director Rajat Grover received us warmly and introduced us to the menu and theme. 1BHK tries to bring the best of world cuisine to the citizens of Pune and provide the best service as they do so.

We kicked off the session with some drinks and each one was a gem. I opted for my good ol' SANGRIA which was really nicely prepared. But I found really creative cocktails on offer. The ones which stood out for me especially were:

  • 1BHK Bartender's special cheesecake fusion was literally like liquid cheesecake with a helping of vodka. To top it, it came with a side of decadent cheesecake slice! I'm picking this everytime.
  • Nasha Paan was another drink inspired by Meetha Paan. It had all the flavors of the betel leaves and was really refreshing. Plus the gin and the vodka that went in made for a good drink.
What followed after was a glutton's delight. To their credit, they had no set menu and invited us to order anything from their extensive menu. Every dish was made with much care and tasted great. But if I had to visit again, I'd personally pick/recommend these:

  • Nazzas: These are what we now know as Naanza which have been made popular for being an Indian version of pizza. The base was Naan with a topping of delicious butter chicken. It came in Mutton Keema and Butter Paneer variety too. Each as good as the other.
  • 1BHK Mezze Platter: If I am visiting with family or friends I will definitely opt for the Mezze platters. they come in different sizes but they are loaded with so much goods. Hummus and dips, finger food from potato wedges to kebabs, grilled fish and prawns, dry fruits and salads. This platter has you sorted for starters.
  • Garlic Mushroom with Pita Bread: This is perfect stuff to binge on as you hang out with your folks. Its light yet so delicious I couldn't stop hogging on it.
  • Grilled John Dory in Almond Rosemary Dressing: If you are a fish lover, you should definitely try the sea food selection at 1BHK. It was refreshing to finally taste good fish other than Basa which predominates the menus in Pune. The John Dory was the hero of the plate, cooked tenderly with minimal seasoning. The almonds and rosemary just brought out the best in the fish.

  • Butter Chicken: Perhaps one of the best butter chicken I've had lately. I'll definitely take Mr.TKD here for a treat. The tender chicken chunks in delicious, delicious curry, so aptly spiced and sweetness reigned in just right was perhaps my highlight of the day. Love!!

Since we had binged on so much food, dessert was a short but sweet (duh!) affair. My absolute favorite was the 1BHK Blueberry Cheesecake which was one of the best cheesecakes I've had lately. The cheesiness of the cake was just right and graham cracker base done perfectly.

The menu in 1BHk may be extensive and intimidating at first, but we soon found that the quality of food remained at par each time. In fact, I would love to try more stuff the next time I visit. Which, considering how badly I am craving the butter chicken as I write the post, will be pretty darn soon.

A huge shout-out to Devendra for not only extending the invitation but also for being so patient as I wrote this post exasperatingly slow. You are the MVP.

Last but not the least, a big thank you to Rajat Grover and team for having us over and being the best hosts.
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