A taste of Europe in Pune: Krusty's Bistro, Kharadi

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One particularly hungover Sunday morning, I got dragged to a brunch situation. The gallons of wine I had downed was still sploshing around in my head and I was (literally) dragging my feet to the venue. I mean my body craved bed, blankets and sleep. Food, yes. But not as much as a good snooze.

The brunch was at Krusty's, Kharadi right inside the World Trade Center which seems to be turning out as quite a hub for food enthusiasts. The venue was perfect and the weather was sunny and cheery. But it hardly did any cheering for my hangover. So we opted for the inner seating to the outside and settled down for the feast. 

The first thing that was served to me turned out to be a glass of Sangria. Now that usually perks me up considerably because I appreciate a glass of good Sangria when I see one. However I decided that my body could do without more alcohol and reached for good ol' coke instead.
I was leaning over to launch furiously whispered tirade at my fellow bloggers for bringing me there when the BRUSCHETTA PLATTER made its presence known. It looked colorful and tempting at the same time. I instinctively reached out for the pretty pink one which was the BEETROOT MOUSSE WITH OLIVES and I realized how hungry I actually was. 
I made considerable damage on the platter after I devoured the CREAM CHEESE with ONION and CREAM SPINACH ones.
From then on the meal took a headway to more deliciousness. It was amazing how every dish was beautifully presented and every element in the dish accounted for and contributing somehow to bring the whole dish together.
The food was fancy yet wholesome. Something you can sink your teeth into and really relish it. In fact the BACON AND CHEDDAR CHEESE really spoke to my hungover soul. What a cracking dish to be shared with mugs of beer and raucous conversations. The crispy potato coating gave way to reveal a cheesy interior with bits of delicious bacon. What's not to love!

KAFFIR LIME AND LEMON GRASS PRAWNS were a hit on the table. The bite sized prawns were beautifully seasoned and sitting on a delicious sauce full of flavors of lime and lemon grass. The dish was so refreshing and light and yet so scrumptious I ended up stealing quite a number of spoonfuls.
Now I have a soft corner for Ravioli. I mean it's pasta and some. And the SPINACH AND RICOTTA RAVIOLI did it for me. The ravioli were a deliciousness in themselves but the buttery pasta sauce was so light yet creamy, it just made for a heady pasta experience. Every bite was joy. And I'll definitely come back for this ravioli every time the craving hits.
MUSHROOM, ONION, CREAM CHEESE and SPINACH PIZZA was my favorite pizza since a while. The minimal topping only made sure you appreciate the flavors that blended together and the freshness of the ingredients. The pizza was light yet satisfying.

We rounded off the long, scrumptious meal with a luxurious BELGIAN CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE. The dessert was decadent and a diet buster to boot. The cheese cake was smooth and creamy and rich that made you feel indulged immediately.

Though we were left feeling stuffed, but I was glad I turned up for this tasting. The menu is beautifully curated and the each dish is prepared with care. I love how all the dishes are frill free and just let the fresh ingredients shine through.

I will certainly be back for the Ravioli. And if you are looking for a good European bistro meal, make Krusty's your go to!

Last but not the least, a big thank you to Sijo for the invite. I know I took forever to post this, but I didn't forget it :)
Rohan and the whole Krusty's team deserve a round of applause for the incredible food and service.

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