Asian Box, Baner: Where Asian food dreams come true

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As much as I am a fan of the Asian cuisine, it is just as difficult to find a restaurant that serves authentic and delicious Asian food. Especially when I am sushi hunting. Its everywhere now-a-days. But there's only a handful of places that you will get a smashing platter of sushi.

Of course, Indian Chinese is always around to the rescue but sometimes when you are craving for a steaming plate of Dimsums or a piping hot bowl of Pho,it just won't make the cut. You know what I mean?
And dimsums reminds me, can we talk about the dismal options for Tibetan food in Pune?

But I digress. So recently, the popular Asian restaurant from KP, Asian Box, opened shop in Baner making us folks living in this part of the city extremely happy. We dropped in for a mandatory dinner and boy, the food lived up to the hype.

Incredible, incredible food only left me a bit concerned. Why? Because everything is so good, that you'll have a tough job choosing what you want. (The point might be moot because anything you end up choosing will probably be stellar)

But I have my favorites and I'm sharing it with you in the hopes that it helps you not miss the good ones from the menu. And if I missed out some of yours, drop me a message!

  • CHEESE LUMPIA is a vegetarian starter but I'll beat down any vegetarian in the house for a plateful of this! This finger shaped snack with light, crisp coating and insides oozing stringy, gooey cheese is what food dreams are made up of. Dip it in the home-made schezwan sauce and you wouldn't want anything more. Until you get your hands on....

  • MUTTON KEEMA SAMOSA! Now mutton is not my favorite form of protein as the name of our blog would suggest. But here is a samosa, filled with such delicately spiced minced mutton that I basically stole samosas the whole evening from random plates on the table. Do try!

  • THAI LETTUCE WRAPS perhaps had a mixed reception at the table. But that's probably because of the fervent carnivores at the table who will probably be outraged at the sight of a salad. But I found them light and delicious and fun at the same time!

  • So the dish comprised of lettuce leaves served at the side with a bowl of spicy minced tofu (I know! I know!). You can make your own wraps with the tofu and lettuce and the various dips that are already on the table. For a vegetarian dish, I found it really yum!

  • DIMSUMS: Now, I'm not being specific because the dimsums here are really good. I'm sure no matter whci one you choose, you'll end up liking it. I had the mixed vegetable dimsums and I loved it!

  • EBI TEMPURA URA MAKI ROLL: Even if you haven't really warmed up to the idea of sushi (Read: Mr. TKD) this sushi is sure to make way into your favorites list as well. To begin with there is no raw fish but this incredible crispy tempura prawns rolled into little bites of satisfaction. Plus the wasabi served is A1 and I can tell you how bad Wasabi can ruin a sushi experience. I have had a couple of those lately.
    And cherry on the top, you get to watch the Sushi master at work on the separate sushi bar!

  • If KHOW SUEY is one of your favorite dishes as well, give Asian Box a try! The beautifully prepared noodles is served with a side of rich, creamy and aromatic curry. The curry just does it for me. It's the right level of spiciness with the authentic flavors shining through. Plus there's this cutest box of quintessential condiments.

  • PANDAN PANACOTTA. Arrrgh! This dessert is so good, such a delight, I could hardly stop at one! After we had had our fills with all the delicious food, bursting at seams, ready to hit the bed, we got served with these Pandan flavored desserts.  I kid you not. We actually went for seconds. Or was it thirds?!
    Any which way, the point is. Drop what you are doing and get to Asian Box to really try this to know it yourself. I'm already making a bee-line that way.
This list is obviously not extensive and will expand still, because I know I will be heading there quite a lot given my propensity for the mid-week Asian food craving. So keep checking this space. 

While you are there, steer clear of the BANANA and NUTELLA SUSHI, which as delicious as it sounds, was, for a want of better word, unappetizing. The Crepe cover was thick, dry and mealy while the browning bananas were wilting at the prospects of being eaten. Perhaps the only disappointment in, otherwise a hit menu.

But a huge cheer to Priya and Dheeraj and rest of the Asian Box team for doing such a fantastic job with the place. You do you, guys!
And much love to Svetlana for the invite and being so (so,so 😂) attentive. We love you!

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