Bubble Bee and FOMO

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As we live through days with our noses pressed against our phones, sharing our life in social media and going through what's the newest  in the world, it's not to get major FOMO (Fear of missing out) if you haven't tried the latest 'trend' yet.

The current flavor of the month as per the numerous posts popping in my insta is probably the Bubble Bee's bubbly waffles. It definitely makes for a delicious picture with the waffle enfolding an overflowing yet enticing mess of cream, chocolates, fruits, sprinkles and likes. Also, it's hard not to get the left out feeling if you are a food blogger attending an event and apparently everybody and their grandmothers have been to this place. Talk about FOMO.

However, for the last few months I have hardly been going out by myself to protest (read: sulk) over Mr.TKD moving out of town, so I have been the unfashionable one in soirees. Then Mr. TKD came visiting and the first thing he insisted on was to visit this place. I thought it was rather sweet because he is not a dessert person so, it probably was for me. Though the sheer number of pictures we took for our insta did make me feel like it might have been more for our profile than me, but bleh, I got to eat the whole thing by myself, so who's the winner anyway. 

The place is a tiny outlet with seriously sweet aunties behind the bar, taking your order. It felt homely and comfortable. They have a seating area with 5-6 tables and the whole place looks like it's been in a DIY video. With ropes and twinkly lights up on the canopy to tiny paper-quilled bees hanging around it seemed like a artsy project done right. I especially loved the small jars, diy'ed into spoon holders, with x-masy patterns stenciled on them with glitter.

The menu is short and to the point. You came for bubble waffles, you get them. So you have the option for the base (They had chocolate and red velvet), the filling (whipped cream, coffee cream or ice cream) and toppings (fruits, choclates etc)

I chose a red velvet waffle with whipped cream (always whipped cream <3 ) and a topping of fruits like strawberry, pineapple and kiwi along with kit kat and sprinkles. My waffle came over-flowing with all these goodness and a good helping of sauces and sprinkles. One tip I'd give you is keep all table manners at home when you come, because there's no better way to eat this than to dig in. And I did. I loved it and for a brief moment, so did Mr. TKD. He loved the filling and the fruits. Though he got a panic attack when he had an accidental bite of the waffle. (phew, these diet freaks, really)

Mr. TKD instead for a bubble tea. Now that's another thing that has been a fad in a while and we have always thought boba drinks are the funnest. So he went for a Green Apple green tea with blueberry boba which was so good I had to get my own (also because somebody is not a good sharer *eye roll*) I got the Lychee flavor with strawberry boba and it was so refreshing. I'd suggest you go for the bigger glass as the difference is only of 20 rs but you get a lot more for that.

So go and get your own DIY waffle and a pretty picture for insta. You don't want to be left out, do you? :)

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