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If you have been following us, you know how we crib about weekends all this while. Did you just ask why? Well, that's because vegetating is not very fun. So long story short, we decided to check out Hoppipola which seemed to be very popular especially among our friends. We decided to go to the Magarpatta City branch (They do have a branch in Aundh as well, right on the edge of ITI road).

The place seemed nice and had a peppy vibe to it. Just the type of place to hang out with friends, grab a drink or two, and chill. The place also seemed to have a lot of board games which people could play with friend while sipping on their drinks. 
There were not many people around because it was afternoon and  we took our sweet time to pick our spot.
Even though, the staff was a bit bust prepping for a dj night in the evening, they still seemed pretty attentive.

The food menu majorly consisted of finger food but the bar menu seemed to be pretty extensive. We decided to order AUCKLAND ICE FREEZE and WATERMELON AND BASIL (Yes, Miss TKD is big on watermelon)

The AUCKLAND ICE FREEZE was LIIT with Malibu and a touch of kiwi. The kiwi flavor was very mild and did not overpower. I am a sucker for good LIITs and this hit all the right buttons.

The Watermelon and Basil seemed a bit sweet for my liking and had a hint of Basil (although some more Basil might have given it a different touch) but Miss TKD seemed to have liked it looking at how she gulped down her drink.

We decided to order Chicken Trilogy and Koliwada Prawns and Harisaan Fish with our drinks.

The CHICKEN TRILOGY was chicken done three ways with tomato, cream and coriander sauce. The meat felt a bit chewy and lacked flavor.

The HARISAN FISH was fish skewers served with a dip. The fish was super tender and seasoning just gave it the right amount of spiciness. Also, its a nice change from all the chicken, though it doesn't mean we are getting tired of chicken. That's not happening. 

The prawns were served in a bowl with a salsa made in mumbai style. The salsa was mildly spicy and went well with the prawns. The prawns were the best of the lot according to us.

We also ordered PASTA in white sauce with bacon and PEPPERONI PIZZA.

The pizza had a thin crust, super light and delicious. It had the right amount of cheese and meat and we enjoyed eating that with our drinks. It was served warm and we polished it off in no time.

The pasta on the other hand was loaded with cheese. I am sure a lot of people would like their pasta done this way but we felt that it was a bit too much even for us. Also since they hadn't added any thing other than tiny pieces of bacon, it was also lacking texture. More of a mac and cheese, we'd say.

Over all, we had a nice time, sitting outdoors and enjoying the mall vibe. It is quaint, cute and fun place to chill at. They have games going on for guests at all times. Make sure to enquire the friendly servers. They made us feel right at home.

Make a beeline for here this weekend!

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