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If you move further away from Aundh and by that I mean Wakad, Pimpri etc, your zomato listing will be limited to fewer and fewer cafe options. We live in Wakad ourselves and the dearth of good breakfast places stands starkly in comparison to amazing options that other places like KP or Aundh or even Baner offers.

There has been a host of new eating joints opening up in the vicinity, but trust me when I say this, that the saturday mornings that I wake up with mind numbing waffle cravings usually ends up with Uber ride to the place (sometimes more) 10 kms away after looking for a place around our place, in vain.

So we have slowly been conditioned into filtering out wakad or pimple saudagar, so when we got a call from the guys from Function Unit Cafe guys, we weren't expecting a lot but we decided to give it a go anyway.

The cafe is located in the Pimple, a bit hard to find if you are new to the locality, but there's always google maps. The place is small but nicely done up to depict the raw edginess of a factory scene. Meter gauges and chains suspended in a corner to exposed piping on the walls, the guys at The Functional Unit have done a good job. It's cosy for a morning breakfast or catching up with people.

We were served the CHEESY CHICKEN WAFFLE first. Now, I am a waffle fanatic and I like them sweet. The sheer idea of trying a savory one as opposed to sweet was giving me mini anxiety attacks. Would it be good? Would I be missing out on the sweet one by trying this instead? Would this kill my appetite and make sure I can't have the sweet ones even if I wanted to?
Well, the answer was 'yes' to all but one. The dish turned out surprisingly good. The waffle was loaded with piping hot, cheesy chicken bits. The white sauce was tasty and the seasoning was perfect.
And yes, it did kill my appetite but no, I certainly did not miss out on anything by trying this.

My only grievance here was the waffle base. I like my waffles crisp and crunchy on the outside and soft and pliable on the inside. I'm sure most of us do. We all have our own preference, but the already soft waffles turned downright soggy with the cheesy sauces after a few minutes. Not very appetizing after you are halfway through the dish.

Next up was CHICKEN STEAK WITH PEPPER SAUCE. Now this was a cracker of a dish. We really enjoyed finishing this meal off. It had generous portions of steak with a good amount of delicious mashed potatoes with some grilled veggies and sauces on the side. The dish was at par with any similar dish you might try at a cafe in KP for far more money. 

The good thing about the dishes I tried was the portion size. Both consisted of a generous helping of food and seemed like a great value for money.

For drinks we tried the VIRGIN MOJITO and ICED TEA which were decent.

If you live around the area, I'd suggest you drop in for some eats. The menu looks pretty good with hot dogs, pan cakes and waffles. I'm tempted to go back too. When I do, you'll know ;)

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