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Delicatessan to me sounds so promising. Of good food, of really good food. Though they are not easy on the pocket but as long as the food is good, I could kill for it. When Indigo Deli came to Pune, I couldn't wait to go try it. The menu looked impeccable and so did the place.

Finally, thanks to the really rad Svetlana over at Carpe Diem, I found myself in the really swanky eatery in Phoenix Mall, Viman Nagar. It was a evening spent celebrating good food. And it did help that we had amazing company.

Chef Tushar kept us hogging through all the courses and yet we couldn't get enough even after the desserts were done.

The colossal menu is filled with amazing things and we plan to drop by breakfast which I hear is mind-blowing. In fact, we'd want you to recommend us things off their menu so that when we do go back we don't miss out on anything! ...and in return we'll recommend something we have tried.

1. COLD PRESSED JUICE: I loved the fact that you could mix and match the juices and things that go into them. I went all out with my favorite WATERMELON, CHIA SEEDS, BASIL and MINT and a hint of SWEET LIME. I can't wait to breakfast on these babies.

2. SMOKED TOMATO, HERBED CROUTON AND CHIVE SOUR CREAM: As fancy as this sounds, I still can't get over how amazing this bowl of soup was. The smokiness was downright heady and every spoonful was so flavorful and savory. We started on this and I fell in love (or soup). And guess what, I hate tomatoes and tomato soup at home which always ends up with me throwing a tantrum when my mother tries to force feed me. So Chef Tushar should be expecting flowers from my mother one of these days.

3. PIZZAs! Like if you feel guilty about eating pizza usually but you don't stop craving for the pie?! Try the pizzas at Indigo! So so light, it crumbles. It's like taking thin crust to another level. Those who love the bready base, steer clear. But for us, it was pizza of our dreams. Honestly, I could eat it whole. It was that light. But that doesn't mean it was stingy on the toppings! Loved the THREE PEPPER THREE CHEESE pizza and BARBEQUE CHICKEN PIZZA.

4. RISOTTO OF WILD MUSHROOMS: Oh damn! This risotto was like the risotto of my dreams. Cheesy, mushroomy and delicious. If you are craving Italian. Go for this!

5. TRUFFLE EGG DIVINITY: True to its name, this bowl of goodness tasted divine! We had small tasting portions and I kept wondering how blissful devouring the original portion size would be on a Sunday morning, right out of bed. Do not even miss it if you are in for a breakfast. Layers and layers of creamy, cheesy eggs and potatoes hiding an equally scrumptious layer of spinaches and truffles. Like why even talk about it, when you can eat it!

6. TERIYAKI GLAZED SALMON: This might have been my favorite in the mains. More because I was a bit let down by the DELI ROAST CHICKEN I was really looking forward too. I loved the crispy skin and flavor of the sauce but the chicken itself was dryer than I'd like. But this salmon though, was perfectly cooked and flavored. The bed of pilaf, roast vegetables and plum sauce just made it invincible.

7. SAFFRON PAPPARDELLE  WITH LAMB BOLOGNESE: Pappardelle are the bigger, flatter cousin of the pasta. I love it because I love pasta and the more the merrier. Thios served with a appetizing and savory mince lamb preparation, loaded with pesto, olives and cheese. What's not to like?

8. DESSERT. We recommend just that. Because we can't choose! Everything seemed like a piece of art. My favorite was probably the STRAWBERRY AND MASCARPONE TART. Loaded with fresh strawberries, cream cheese and the base so delicious!

Try WHISKEY PATE if you want to get drunk on desserts! It was probably more potent than if you'd had ordered a cocktail. The chocolate though made the dessert more sinful than it already was.

Also DO NOT forget to try their line of home-made ice-creams. They are prepared from scratch and much love right there in the deli. My favorites were DULCE DE LECHE, WHITE CHOCOLATE AND CHERRY and STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE.

If these are not reasons enough for you to visit Indigo, then one reason you should is that they take great care to prepare the food they serve. All ingredients are farm-fresh and every elements are made from scratch, right to the breads in the bread basket they serve complimentary.

Honestly, we could visit just for the bread basket too. :P 

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