BARBEQUE VILLE: Wakad can be fun too

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If you live in Wakad and want a fancy dinner out tonight, chances are you are heading to Baner or maybe Aundh? Being a resident of Wakad for quite a while now, I didn't really have big hopes from the new kid in the block, Barbeque Ville yet on a odd Wednesday night we turned up here with our blogger friends for dinner.

I was pleasantly surprised when we were ushered in to a fairly nice looking lobby then further into a swankier seating area and surprising still, to find a good number of tables taken up by people who seemed to be celebrating birthdays on the same day. We were informed that though the place had opened on Valentine's yet the footfall had been looking up. 

We chose a nice table by the bay windows. The decor, arrangement and lighting was at par with any self respecting restaurant worth their salt. There was a coal pit grill in the middle of the table for starters that you might have encountered before if you have been to Barbecue Nation or any similar restaurants. We were given skewers of marinated chicken, fish, prawns, mushrooms, paneer and pineapples to grill and for sometime we were a bunch of happy campers devouring the freshly sizzled pieces of yumminess. I personally liked the fish a lot and the pineapple as well. 

We were also served with the MARATHA TANGDI which were basically marinated and grilled chicken legs skewered on a mini-sword (you heard me right). It was delicious however we were served very asian-y dips that didn't really work for the beautiful Indian flavors. It was only after we called for the quintessential green chutney did we find a respite.

We were also served CHICKEN SIZZLER but it didn't rally make a mark for me. The sauces hardly did anything for the succulent chicken pieces and blanched veggies alongside, though delicious, didn't help.

CRISPY CORN was probably one of my favorite in the starters and we couldn't stop munching on this.

There was also a chaat cart which doled out DAHI PURI, SEV PURI, PANI PURI and the most intriguing PINEAPPLE PURI. The other chaats were good but the pineapple was a bit of a downer because it sounded like a promising dish, but was instead just puri filled with pineapple juice. It would have made for a good dish if there would have been actual pineapples, spiced up a bit. But overall the starters were a decent fare.

But the real winner was perhaps the mains. It was quite a spread with dishes ranging from THAI RED CURRY to BIRIYANI to MUTTON ROGAN JOSH. There was MALWANI FISH CURRY and CHICKEN KADHAI thrown into the mix.

I was already full from the starters hence I only sampled some of the dishes. The THAI RED CURRY and steamed rice for a light yet delicious eat. I was surprised by the care taken to prepare the curry because it tasted authentically of the coconut milk and the aromatic lemon grass. 

The CHICKEN KADHAI and BIRIYANI hit just the right spots even though I had just finished hogging on to a load of appetizers.

My fellow-diners seemed to bowled over by the MUSTARD CRAB and though I didn't try it I find compelled as a food blogger to inform all crab lovers to try it out.

I gave a lot of things a miss but if I just go by first look they all looked pretty amazing and I intend to go back to try it out. But at that point I had my eyes on the dessert bar that seemed to be calling my name. I loaded my plate with the piping hot GULAB JAMUNS which I might add were marvelous. Not very sweet, just the way I like it and so soft and pillowy. There was GAJAR KA HALWA too that I devoured.

There was also a bar of tiny, colorful pastries that were bite-sized and pretty good. But the CARAMEL CUSTARD would be the one I'd pick again if given a chance. I also liked the CHOCOLATE SALAMI that were squares of chocolatey goodness.

And all of this for Rs. 599 including taxes!  That is super value for money considering all that you are getting. We were mighty impressed by the fare which had a good quantity of meats as well as seafood at such nominal price. 

If you live around Wakad, you would want to come in for a dinner and have your birthday celebrated perhaps :)

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