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Apache fluid lounge they call it. 'Fluid' being the operational word. It has something for everyone. When we were invited over for the launch of the place, the tagline read 'Fly high' and boy did they mean it!

The youngest Apache in town is chill place to be in right now. Brand new interiors and decor with that hint of Apach-quirk, unpretentious vibes where all you need to do is relax and unwind and then you head upstairs to the rooftop area and voila, it's swanky to boot!

Having been here for a launch as well as a tasting, we know how the place can transform from a laid-back pub to a romantic rooftop dinner-date option to a party place in full swing. The one time we were here was probably the best party we've had with friends. An amazing line-up of drinks, delicious finger food, music so great the rooftop was literally a dance-floor and us, throwing back these amazing shots without counting. Needless to say, if our friends clamour for a party,we know where to take them.

Next time we were here for dinner, we were taken back by how apache cleaned up so nice! We had a nice quiet corner at the rooftop with tea lights and soft music. Valentine's night dinner plans? Done.

My previous notion of Apache being a place to drink yourself  silly when our teetotaler friends enjoyed just as much. The drinks menu is the fun part here and should be considering it's a 'Fluid Lounge'. The food menu however can be hit and miss, but that's where we come in!

So here are our list of TKD RECOMMENDED dishes that you should try if you visit!

1. TANDOORI CHICKEN CHAAT: Please try this!! Like this is something you should taste atleast once! Soft, succulent pieces of tandoori chicken served like chaat with dahi, sev, chutney, the works! And boy, does it score.

2.CHILLY CHICKEN PIZZA: We love thin crust pizzas and this pizza was thin crust and with toppings so delish, we couldn't keep our hands off it. Totally yummy and great way to start the party. The vegetarians can opt for just as wonderful...

3. PEPPER PANEER PIZZA: Surprisingly, it's just as delectable as the non-veg variety.

4.TANDOORI CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD: If you are a salad fanatic like us, you will love this one. Though the quantity may seem a bit stingy but the dressing makes up for it. (Or we had stuffed on too many fries)

5.GREEN THAI CURRY: We already are really into thai curry these days and this satiated us quite nicely. A perfect accompaniment to your steaming plate of rice. Yum!

6. CHOCOLATE MOUSSE spiked with a good measure of old monk is just the thing to end your meals with.Flying high doesn't end with desserts!!

There were RASPBERRY MOUSSE CAKE and JAGERBOMBs for dessert but they weren't really hits for us. You can try it if you want. They sure look good though.

But when you are there, experiment with the drinks and cocktails and the quirky way of serving them! BANTA GOTI SODAs are my go to here. They are fun to pop, available in different flavors and so refreshing!

BLOODY VALENTINE are probably our partiality too when it comes to shots. Though it is fun ordering SWEET DISPOSITION for your friends andseeing them struggling with the tiny feeding bottles they are served in :D

If you are wondering where to hangout on weekends with friends, give this place a go. And make sure you FLY HIGH while you are at it!!

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