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This has taken a long time coming. And though it had taken me quite sometime to put up a post about this place but that has definitely not meant I forgot about it. On the contrary, this place has firmly been on our food map and seen its way on quite a lot of recommendations we have made to our friends. So here we are recommending it to you too.

The place is right off the University Road, in a quiet street. If you are looking for a jam-packed place with loud music and dancing and drunk people, you'd be disappointed. But if you are looking for a place to come back at the end of the day, lie back and unwind over bottles of beer and incredible food with a good helping of great company and friends, this is the place you should be at. The seating area is spread over two levels. The ground and the upper area and the whole place is done up with quirky posters and pictures and rock and roll memorabilia which comes from the owner's love of classic rock. Also, the fun part is, when you are done and leaving you'll be handed sketch pens so that you can scribble notes on the walls! See if you can find us there! :D

Last time I was there, I got to sit down with Mr. Shrikant, the owner of this delightful place and have a refreshing tête-à-tête over some amazing chicken. In fact, Shrikant challenged me to try the chicken at the place and promised the Kukkad Diaries would come back for more. I was a bit doubtful initially but the boy, did the place deliver to the promise.

We sat at the upper deck over looking the ground floor and bar. The chairs and couches are so comfy you can't help but relax right away. The drinks helped a ton too. Wynkk is always trying to come up with new mixes and concoctions.
We tried the POLLY's FOLLY which was a cocktail that came suggestively garnished with a long chilly and the punch it packed blew us away! If you are into all things spicy you should certainly try this. This promises to shake tired souls right up!

We also tried classics with a bit of twist like the ORANGE MARTINI and ARCHER'S ENVY (peach vodka with kiwi ). Make sure you ask for any new cocktails that you could try and you might be able to try an exclusive-out-of-the-menu mix.

The food though. It blows your mind. We started with appetizers like CAJUN FRIED ONION RINGS which kicked other onion rings out the park. Perfect while you are sitting with your bottle of beer.

Of all the amazing things on offer the ones you should definitely try are

TEQUILA PRAWNS: For someone who is not into sea food, I devoured quite a lot of these. Perfectly seasoned and cooked prawns with flaming tequila poured on top. Inspite of the theatrics, the taste will be your takeaway for this dish.

POPCORN CHICKEN: Another bar food favorite, these little nuggets were not at all dry like it gets at most places (and we despise) but were succulent and well spiced.

MATKA CHICKEN: If you are a chicken lover like us, you have to try this. The chicken was so tender, it was falling off the bones and the aroma that emanated when that matka (pot) was opened.... it's good enough to get your appetite clamoring for more. Mr. Shrikant promised great chicken and delivered this master-piece. I acquiesce.

KEEMA PAV: When we were certain we had had our fill, we were served with this beauty of a dish. I wish I had appetite so that I could do justice to this one. But even though I was bursting in the seams, I knew this Keema Pav was a winner.

The amazing food and ambiance makes it a perfect place to hangout on quiet evenings when you want no nonsense just good booze and grub. I will be dragging Mr. TKD here knowing he's big on the kukkad-shukkad and a classic rock man through and through.

Thank you Mr. Shrikant for having us over and sharing your inspiring stories while we ate your food (which is impeccable!. Can't wait to come back for more.

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