Brunch with Telepathic Chefs

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Sunday brunch and I was almost wishing I had Joey Tribbiani's infamous stretchy 'Turkey eating pants ". We had visited MoMo Cafe at J.W.Marriott premises for a buffet. We had gotten there by noon and started digging into the amazing, mouth-watering delicacies on offer. For a couple of lazy bums it surprised me how we proactively took turns refilling our soup bowls with the chicken and leek soup (seriously though, that was some great stuff.

MoMo Cafe is the hotel restaurant of Courtyard by Marriott hotels and is known for hosting amazing themed brunches. They ensure that they keep circulating the menu bringing new concepts on the table and there's always new things to discover. There are 3 MoMo Cafes in Pune. We picked Bund Garden one for a meal.

It was a usual lunch buffet on offer when we popped in for eats. The Cafe itself is in the inner sanctum of the hotel premises and boasts of tasteful decor. There are couches and chairs to settle down with food while you check the latest match scores on the TVs around. The staff was attentive and quickly helped us get tables. We were served refreshing drinks as we settled down.

We were spoilt for choice when we made our way to the buffet area. And it was physically impossible to try everything. So we stuck to some we really liked. Some of the dishes that we tried were CORRIANDER SOUP, CHICKEN AND LEEK SOUP, FRIED COTTAGE CHEESE ROLLS, EXOTIC VEGETABLE SALAD, AMERICAN CORN AND GREEN PEAS SALAD, FRENCH BEAN AND MUSHROOM SALAD, PORK MEAT WITH BELLPEPPER AND EGGPLANT SALAD, STEAMED FISH WITH BABY CORN AND SPINACH SALAD and this was just the starters. Fitness junkie that Mr. TKD is, he got really happy with all the choices of salad.

Pork Meat with Bell pepper and Egg Plant Salad

There was a decadent display of breads and buns on display. You could have your pick and cut yourself a slice of the goodness to go with your soup. We might just have ruined our appetites with all the CHICKEN AND LEEK SOUP and fresh baked bread sprinkled with olives.

Bread Basket

Bread Basket

The mains had its own line up of delicious dishes. There were variety of DALs and Vegetable preparations. We also loved the Chicken curry and fish curry preparations. There were servers waiting on us who were super fast with service. There were variety of Indian breads to choose from right from Naan to Paratha to Roti which were freshly made and served on our table. There were PULAO and RICE too.

The desserts table was like a happy place. It was as much a feast for eyes as for your stomach. It had everything right from the FRUIT SALAD to sinful RED VELVET BROWNIE. There was also this absolutely irresistible TOFFEE OREO DELIGHT that we couldn't get enough of (Actually we could, by now we were almost bursting at the seams..). There was also APPLE UPSIDE DOWN pie, LEMON BAR pastries and some indian sweets too like RASMALAI (so yum!).

Toffee Oreo Delight

Lemon Bar

We hogged almost for a couple of hours before we accepted defeat and acknowledged the human capacity of devouring food, no matter how delicious.

Apart from the food, it was the service that impressed. Though it was a buffet, there were people waiting on you making sure the tables were clear before you got to the next course. A concierge kept checking if we were having a good time. The chefs, although busy at work cooking, cutting, baking pizzas had one eye trained to make sure the guests were getting the food they required. I was wandering around nonplussed searching for Naan when a kind chef offered to get the naan sent over to our table. It was almost like getting your mind read. It might have been creepy but my mind was still trained on the last pieces of fried chicken to care.

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