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Being a food blogger has been rewarding so far. But to be honest it's only just another excuse to wolf down not very diet friendly food on the pretext of tasting it for review later. 'For the love of blogging', we placate each other as we devour slices of pizzas and plates of ravioli.
To be honest, it does tone down the guilt trip considerably.

A part of our blogging business, got us down to Aundh for a quick chat with Saili, who runs the delightful Yolkshire Cafe in the area. While we were at it, we made sure to take some pointers about eating joints, in case we had missed a place out. Well, nobody knows food better than a person who actually deals in food. Apart from other places, Skips Cafe got a glowing recommendation from her for its burgers and sandwiches. Now we have had breakfast here before a while back and quite liked the bacon and eggs; although we hadn't tried much out of its menu. Skips Cafe is just down the lane from Yolkshire and as we walked back, we decided we had to give it another good try.

We decided the BACON AND EGGS sandwich and SALAAM SALAMI sandwich. We have also tried the CHICKEN and MUSHROOM sandwich along with a breakfast platter consisting of eggs and bacon with toast.

The service, we have found is always a bit slow, which might also be because of the constant crowd. However the taste is uncompromised all the time.
The BACON AND EGGS sandwich was delicious. It had a filling of mashed boiled eggs and crispy fried bacon. We always love the bacon here, just the right amount of crispy.

Bacon and eggs sandwich

Bacon and eggs sandwich

The SALAMI sandwich had a good amount of salami filling. If anything Skips Cafe is generous with it's meat.

Salam salami sandwich

The BREAKFAST PLATTER is perfect if you are a bacon and eggs lover. We requested the eggs be done sunny side up and they obliged with perfectly done juicy eggs. Pair that with crispy bacon and you have perfect start to the day.

Bacon and eggs

Bacon and eggs

CHICKEN AND MUSHROOM sandwich had an overload of chicken with succulent flavored mushrooms.

Chicken and mushroom sandwich

Chicken and mushroom sandwich

Indeed the sandwiches are commendable here. It's a reliable place to go for eats when you get that hankering for light bites. However the menu has remained the same throughout. Addition of new dishes would always be a refreshing change to the options available at Skips and we hope the management considers this.

Nonetheless, do hop, skip or jump over to Skips for your mandatory plate of sandwiches.

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