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One weekend we decided that enough was enough and we had to stop hogging on too much breakfast on weekends which majorly compromised the lunch timings and we'd usually end up eating a large meal in the early evening, making us incapacitated during the mandatory 'dinner out with friends'. And didn't our parents keep harping on the importance of having regular mealtimes for the sake of our (as per their imagination) extremely fragile health and ridiculously weak disposition? That's the thing about parents, if you are living away from home, no matter how many kilos you strap on to your bottom half or how many jeans that you grow out of, you will always be the sickly, starving child always losing weight and their favorite target for force feeding whenever you are in the vicinity.

Hence, we resolved to turn on a new leaf and get our gastronomical clock corrected or rather regularized. As a part of the new plan, we'd wake up early on weekends (Mr.TKD does so anyway), ensuring we had time enough for a nice stroll followed by a healthy breakfast and some time to kill before we headed out for lunch. It would also mean we would be able to gorge during dinner outs instead of looking positively constipated at the sight of more food. We were so overjoyed with our new plan that we celebrated the feat over pizza, re-watching the entire Star Wars series and having a chug of beer every time someone said 'Force'. Needless to say, we spent the rest of the night talking like Jar Jar Binks.

By the time we woke up the next day and recovered from the festivities of the night before it was our estimated lunch time. So much for healthy living. We however concluded we'd skip breakfast and jump on to lunch itself, for whatever good it would do. (I know, I know it doesn't work like that)

We had earlier decided to try out Mad House Grill at Koregaon Park, so we Ubered our sorry selves to the venue. The location was easy to find with it noticeably situated in lane 8 and the front being very attractive. It had outdoor seating with lot of leafy shrubs ,meshed fences, a chalkboard with the menu written which added to the charm and beautifully decorated tables. The inside had a mix of a charming diner and a good ol' pub with all the funny posters up on the walls. 

The place was empty when we walked in though a couple of people did enter right before we were leaving. The staff was therefore, quite attentive and made sure we were waited upon. The menu seemed interesting and considering we hadn't had breakfast we were ready to devour just about anything. We finally settled on CHILLI SAUSAGE, GRILLED CHICKEN SUPREME and the house special, CHICKEN STEAK. 

The service was quite fast and we thankfully got the food swiftly. The CHILLI SAUSAGE disappointed us a bit with the quantity. It seemed the stress was more on chilli than sausages. The taste was good though. The gravy was spicy and made for a good starter.

Chilli sausage

Chilli sausage

GRILLED CHICKEN SUPREME had grilled chicken pieces in gravy with roast potatoes and rice on the side along with some veggies. We loved the flavors in the gravy and it went brilliantly with the aromatic rice. The potatoes we didn't favor as much, though. 

Grilled chicken supreme

Grilled chicken supreme

The CHICKEN STEAK had a standard portion of steak with salad and fries on the side with two pieces of garlic bread. The gravy poured over the steak had a smoky barbecue flavor. The fries were crisp and salad, okay. However, we have to admit we have had better steaks before.

Chicken steak

Chicken steak

We were however a bit bummed with the quantity for the price. It definitely pricier in comparison to other joints in and around KP. However, we wouldn't mind it as much if the portions weren't as stingy. Also, although we had a lot of recommendations for the place we didn't find the dishes as mind-blowing as we would have hoped for. Though to give Mad House Grill their due it might be the beef steaks that actually got them recommendations, which we don't eat.

Well what can we say? The Kukkad Diaries being The Kukkad Diaries, the force is always strong for kukkad. Everytime.

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