Breakfast Eggstravaganza

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Those who know The Kukkad Diaries enough know this: We are immensely, unequivocally in love with breakfast. Period.
Our days start with a hearty breakfast and even on work days we make sure we spend a good half an hour or more on the first meal of the day. Weekends are better. We make it a point to discover new places to breakfast at. Sometimes we have the places picked 2-3 days back rendering us useless for the rest of the week as we keep dreaming of pancakes and bacon and eggs. Mr. TKD is a sucker for good eggs, sausages and everything savory while I love sweet start to the morning with pancakes and waffles. It's quite a task trying to shortlist a place that's a crowd pleasure. When we do find a place that appeals we haunt it like it's nobody's business.

One such place we came across was Yolkshire. We remember coming across on Zomato and drooling over their menu. It sounded like heaven for egg lovers. Every kind of conceivable egg preparation was listed. Poach, scrambled, devilled, fried, sandwiched; the variety was sinful. We had to see for ourselves if the place was more than just its menu.
So one Sunday morning we piled into a cab and made our way to Aundh. It's a quiet, restful place to spend your mornings, littered with choicest cafes and eateries. It has a large bookstore, Crosswords right besides popular joints like Starbucks and Pizza Hut. If you are eating out in Aundh, its just not a meal but an experience. Walking through the leafy streets, taking in the busy yet quiet suburban vibe of the place. In one of the quieter lanes is Yolkshire. It is flanked at the sides with other eateries. Its quite small in the inside and there are 3-4 tables upstairs but meals are best enjoyed here sitting outside with the view to the street across.

After the first time we have visited Yolkshire a number of times, most with family or friends to show off our find. And every time we have a good meal. For breakfast the best bet would be the eggs combo. It comes with a side of crisp buttered toast and options for 2 other side from sausages, hash browns, french fries, olives, beans or mashed/toast potatoes. Quite a spread.
AMERICAN DREAM is our favorite choice of omelette. This omelette has salami and sausages and veggies loaded in it which makes it the perfect breakfast option.
OMELETTE REVE is yet another hot pick. It's omelette folded over with chicken in between. You can't go wrong with this one.

The american dream

There are also 'just whites' omelette in case you are not much of a yolks fan. We liked the FRANKLY SPEAKING omelette which has a frankfurter lodged inside the fold of the omelette.

Cheese and chilli

The other major thing that keeps getting us back here is the stellar sweet breakfast options. You can choose between CREPES or WAFFLES or PANCAKES, which is a task in itself. We usually order the CREPES or WAFFLES with whipped cream and chocolate sauce toppings on the side. It spells the perfect end to our hearty brunches.
Apart from that there is the sinful CHOCOBURST PANCAKE that we have been in love with lately.It has layers of pancakes smothered with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. And trust us, it's taste better than it looks.

Triple decker pancakes

Chocolate waffles

We suppose we have put a convincing argument to explain all the hogging that we engage in during the weekends... If not, might we suggest you go through the pictures once more (seriously though, who can resist those pancakes? Egg-zactly)

Mac and cheese

Triple decker pancakes

Yolkshire Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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