Sweet Nothings

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A heavy meal always calls for sweet endings. Resist as much as we try, dessert has an annoying habit of making its need felt. So no matter how much we try winding up our meals in 2 courses to skip the sugary fare at bay, we end up walking around and entering the first bakery we find on the pretext of 'just looking' at the wares at display and then walking out with a considerable chunk of cheesecake.

Koregaon Park is peppered with eating places of the best kind. Every hankering and every whim is catered to if you look close enough. And it's always fun wandering through the leafy lanes of KP, walking into any bistro that catches our fancy and looking for desserts later.

On one such quest we came across a quaint store while walked down lane number 8 which had FORENNTE written across in gold. We stood outside deciding if it was a cafe at all. It piqued our interest enough for us to walk in through its front doors. The inside was much more convincing especially with the very enticing display of rows and rows of pastries and cakes, a counter top laden with cookies and takeaway packs of bread. There was separate section for savories as well which comprised of appetizing slices of pizzas, sandwiches andrunch burgers. A separate cabinet displayed a shelves of muffin that looked so cute, we got some immediately.

There was partition that separated the display area from the dining area that had a couple of tables. The decor was simple and classy with choice of art works on display along side a adorable reading nook complete with decorative lights and a shelf full of good selection of books. I would have loved lounging there for the day poring over the volumes but we had the serious business of choosing dessert to get over with and all the options available was only making decisions harder. Finally we settled on RED VELVET PASTRY  and BELGIAN CHOCOLATE PASTRY.

The service was fast and courteous. The people serving us were were kind enough to let us have our way with the pastry. We asked them to warm up our BELGIAN CHOCOLATE pastry a bit after we were served but they took it back and got it all melty and gooey just the way we liked it. To say the least, the chocolate pastry was sinfully delicious.

Belgian chocolate pastry

Belgian chocolate pastry

The RED VELVET pastry was soft and just the right amount of sweet. The presentation was on point. All pastries were served with a fine dusting of chocolate powder shaped into smiley faces and forks. The cake was moist and the smoothness had us ooh-ing over it.

Red velvet pastry

Red velvet pastry

The EXOTIC VEG PIZZA had thin crust and was loaded with a vegetables and cheese. It had a subtle, muted taste that appealed a lot. The size of the slice of pie was decent enough for a single person. We really enjoyed the crunchiness of the crust paired with the cheesiness and the vegetables.

We packed up the cupcakes and cake slices for home and needless to say we really enjoyed tea that evening. Forennte really took us for surprise that day and we are looking forward to visiting it again during our regular jaunt to KP someday which only means we will be out hunting desserts. And we have found our hunting grounds.

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